Saturday, April 26, 2008

magic fruit

me and mango stop only fruit drinking and we are drinking and eating fruit for few days now: eating-logans, bananas, durians, avos, tomatos, cucumbers, custard apples, pears. drinking-oranges, grapes, pineapples, apples, pears, rock melons. all yummy...

i find our last raw fresh fruit drinking days very beneficial. it was a first time for me when i drank different variety of fruit not only one kind. i am looking forward to next such experience, because the last one was very special to me. very giving, very healing. oh, i love fruit.

mango is continuing making juices for our not so well neighbor, she is wanting more as she goes, and recently i had a good chat with her and she told me how much raw fresh juices from fruit and some veg are helping her, and that she is eating more fruit as well.  she is already sharing her first magic and positive power of fruit with her friend dying in the hospital. i gave her lot of fruity love and wisdom to hold on, and it was so awesome to see her interest and understanding. it is very amazing for me to see how much better she look in so short time (about 4  - 5 weeks). and she does eat cooked toxic stuff as well. she like to eat, and she is huge. if she continue and learn more about fruit as she goes, she may one day have huge healing story to tell.

life with fruit is full of sweetness.

pink flowers by kveta

i love take flowery pictures :)

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Ed Mahony said...

When I began to begin a lot of fruit again, started to feel a lot better.

kveta said...

good for you eamon :)

thankyou for sharing.

i like your words about creative writing on your blog. and about extreme foods. for many is fruit only big extreme.

enjoy your writing. i do.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm a 20 years old girl, vegan... I'd like to become a fruitarian, but I'm scared about that! How much should the detoxification process last? When do you start to feel better? Do I have to eat nuts? I need help... reply by e-mail if you want to ( and thank you very much!

kveta said...

hi manu,you made great decision, i am happy for you.

you are young and if you are free from any serous illness,you should have no problems to began with all fruit diet. you can regulate your detox. if you thinking you detoxing too much eat more bananas, avos etc. how much you are going detox depend on your previous lifestyle.

nuts are not fruit but seeds. so fruitarians do not eat them. and they are not esential, they are unnatural to humans. only raw fresh fruit is. nuts and dry fruit lead to cravings for toxic cooked stuff.

how to start? eat raw fresh fruit and drink raw fresh juices. eat when you are hungry or thirsty. eat any fruit you like or love and do not be afraid to mix them. experiment and get creative with it.

you should feel better each day from the day one. and you should fall totaly in love with fruit about 2 fruity weeks.

i prefer to help you via this blog so others can benefit from our conversation.

please let us know how is fruit treating you. if you need any help on the way i am here for you.

fruit and love,