Thursday, April 17, 2008

food combination

as 100%fruitarian i do not need worry about food combination.  at times i combine fruit with fruit, as i love some fruit mixes...yum. i also love mono fruit eating and drinking. with fruit mixes i get huge variety of amazing colors, flavors, textures, etc..

since i am fruitarian i am convinced that fruit is my natural food and i also knew that any other food is toxic. including water. 100% fruitarian is not thirsty that is the fact. fruit contain all and best water our body want and need.

if someone tell me they are fruitarian and they are eating nuts, seeds, greens or drink water i am sure they are not fruitarians. fruitarian is naturally  feeling  discomfort  after  eating  nuts,  seeds, greens or other vegetables, drinking water.

if someone say they are fruitarian and they are eating nuts, seeds, greens or drink water, or other stuff which is not fruit, it does not make sense to me. it is like if someone say they are vegetarian and they are  eating pig heads, or vegan and they are wearing animal skin shoes etc...

as i travel with my spaceship in cyber space i can see there is a lot of confused people saying they are fruitarians and they are not. most of them would not know what fruit is.

me and mango shared and enjoyed:

1 green and black grape drink
2 rock melon /mango/ rock melon banana /me/drink
3 orange pear banana avocado /one to remember/drink
4 green and black grape banana drink
5 cucumber tomato avocado chili drink
6 custard apple orange avocado drink

1 dark and green grape drink
2 rock melon /only mango/drink
3 avocado tomato /only mango/drink
4 orange mango banana drink
5 custard apple orange banana drink
6 avocado as is

1 dark grape drink
2 avocado as is
3  pineapple orange banana drink
4  durian as is
5  avocado as is
6  apple orange drink
7  avocado /mango only/as is

1 dark grape drink
2 avocado /mango only/as is
3 dark grape drink
4 avocado as is
5 banana orange drink
7 dark grape apple drink
8 avocado /mango only/ as is
9 persimmon as is

1 honey dew banana drink
2 avocado /mango only/as is
3 cucumber tomato avocado as is
4 orange pear banana drink

1 grapefruit apple drink
2 avocado /mango only/as is
3 durian dark grape drink
4 avocado as is
5 red black green grape drink

where you see /mango only/it means mango the man not mango the fruit.

life is sweet...

dragon fly 2 by kveta

our pet /one of/

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Anonymous said...

What about those cigarettes then?

kveta said...

hello no name :)

i never said that smoking is essential to my some say about seed nut olive oil greens spirulina vitamin b 12 pills and so on. all i am saying is if you want eat/drink something eat/drink raw fresh fruit.

even on the days when i smoked i perceived my self as fruitarian as smoking is not eating. i use many things /car, glass, etc. and they are not fruit.


Anne said...

Dear Kveta,
I often have spring water on days when I do not want to eat fruit but want to stay hydrated.
I do not appear to find it toxic.
In fact when I have spring water and no fruit, then I feel very well.
On the other hand I find chilli very toxic. I cannot even touch my tongue on one for one second without feeling that my body is burning.
Surely a sign that chilli is toxic for my body.
You enjoy chilli and it does not appear to be toxic to you.
Could it be that some people may flourish on chilli and others may flourish on pure water? Does everything need to be so black or white?

If fruit was in short supply, one could walk many miles, over many days, in the heat looking for fruit; whilst drinking water to keep hydrated.
however, there are only so many days that most people can go without water or fruit.

Have a fruitful day,
from Anne.

kveta said...

hi anne,

yes, we all have different believes gained from different experiences.

that is ok with me.

most people are constantly dehydrated, that is why they could not survive without toxic food or water. they would survive on RAW FRESH FRUIT.

do not forget breatharians.

if i was fasting and i was thirsty i would drink my own urine.

hallelujah to raw fresh fruit and it's wisdom.

love and peace to you and to all,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kveta,

I agree with Anne...
When I am thirsty and not hungry I usually drink water and I don't find it toxic...
I think there is nothing wrong in drinking water.
And are you sure you would prefer to drink your own urine rather than drinking water?!
I find that very strange.
I am becoming very disappointed with "the fruitarian world". It seems that this world as a lot of too extreme persons which are completely obsessive...
Eating is just a part of our life. We eat to live...not live to eat!
Our thoughts and deeds in the world can be more important than choosing the perfect diet.
You can have bad eating habits and still be a good person...

We all need to learn how to coexist!

kveta said...

hi filipe,

let RAW FRESH FRUIT (not nuts, grains, legumes, vegetables, super foods, supplements etc.) speak for it self to show you the TRUTH you are seeking.

love all,

Anonymous said...

would you ever raid an orchard if Mr Bunny told you to?