Thursday, November 22, 2007

sweet fruit

oh, i love sweet fruit.

yesterday was yummy sunny & beach day. ocean was cold, so there was less swimming for me and mango. mango jumped in ocean 3times me twice

on the sunny beach we shared one very yummy magic durian, and later on 2 paw paw and we massaged skins in to our skins.

we had awesome time as always

i was so energized  when was leaving beach i felt like i am floating, walking in the quick sand was so easy and fun!

before beach we visited some fruitshops and we got lots of red paw paw, 2watermelons, cherimoya, 3durians, try of mangoes,avos, cucumbers, tomatoes,

before frutshops, mango drank orange juice 5dl, and me orange one grapefruit juice 5dl. soon after 1/2 avo each.

later on after beach, we shared lots of very sweet and yummy red paw paw. on and of. oh, i love red paw paw, i could easily live on them for few had some mangoes and i had 2 small cucumbers.


today was cloudy day with tiny showers. recently replanted fruit trees just love it.

me and mango shared one blended watermelon. we had about 4 drinks each. last one at 4pm. later on we had some avo, later cherimoya, later 2mangoes each, later magic durian, yum!

today i spend some learning time in my spaceship, mango was very helpful.

i went in the bank and mango in the shop/getting some spaceship stuff/, on the way back to car we met on light crossing each on other side of road.

oh, i love sweet fruit.

fruitarian life is beautiful.

fruit & love by me

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