Sunday, November 18, 2007

2 watermelons

today me and mango shared 2 watermelons. we drank them. and 1/2 avo each, later on we shared 3 mangoes. yum. yum. yum. we wanted share grapefruit, only mango had about 3/4as i could not eat it. it was too sour for me. even if i want i am not able to eat sour fruit, if i try muscles of my mouth naturally reject it. i do not have control over it.

we had very beautiful giggly and peaceful day. 

i am almost free from detox. i feel so much better.

baby tomatoe from garden

baby tomato  one of seven mango replanted in the our garden from balcony pot, we did not plant them, they come as surprise.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kveta,
I found your blog from the fruit revolution board...It's good to be able to read your fruit journal again.Mangoes are one of my favourite fruits...Have a great Day !

kveta said...

dear sunny,

it is lovely to "see" you again. i am happy you are enjoying my journal. yeah, mangoes are so yummy! enjoy!

have fruitful day,

Anonymous said...

What were you detoxing from Kveta?


kveta said...

dear suvine,

i was detoxing from: overeating on avo = constipation, airconditioning, and some stress from fruitrevolution forum.

enjoy your life,
one love,