Sunday, November 25, 2007

the moon

oh, yes i love the moon.  i can see him from the window, big and not far from horizon. and always beautiful, always different, always magic.

so is mighty fruit. there is some difference, some fruit can be very yucky! such fruit me & mango leave for garden..our garden love our fruit compost, mango is enjoying  bury  our  100%  fruit  compost in garden daily.

yesterday morning phone interrupted my sleep. it was cloudy and when i look out of bedroom window i was bit upset when i noticed that hibiscus is missing. i was very attached to it, i loved it's color, and that is why i picked tiny twig to grow my own. i love plants and i am very deeply attached to them.

me and mango shared blended watermelon and soon after we went for fruit. we got 3 magic durians, some avos, dates from emirates.
back in shoebox, we enjoyed very special durian, so so so yummy! heavenly! yum, yum, yummy yum, i love king of fruit, sweet durian...

job interview, me & mango

on the way there was still cloudy and raining, on the way back was sunny.

i went visit friend.

i shared yummy paw paw with sweet mango, heaps of them. we have to give some of them to our garden, they got moldy before they were ripe. later on some yummy avos.

me and mango had peaceful relaxing and happy day.

we also drank almost all watermelon, throughout a day.

tonight mango thought me some more about how to create my fruity website.

with sweet fruit and sweet mango every day is beautiful.


today i woke up to glorious sunny morning. soon after mango invited me to join him in the sunny garden. we had fun, working.

then we drank watermelon, soon after we shared very tasty durian in bed...and much later i went see friend.

when i returned me and mango shared some avo, dates, cherimoya, mangoes, tomatoes, i had one tiny cucumber. throughout the rest of the day & night.

i am very grateful for having sweet mango & sweet fruit in my life.

sunny fruitful happy day.

life is beautiful.
bondi cliffs
bondi cliffs on the cloudy day

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Anonymous said...

After looking at yours and Savine's blogs I am really considering becoming a fruitarian. I am raw, and I have a blog:, but it's nothing special...just put up because I liked the one picture I snapped of myself and wanted to do something with it.
I'm always wanting to simplify my life. You are so blessed to live where you live (sun,'s raining endlessly here, but that's's just that winter fruits are hard to get excited about). I miss mangos, papayas, berries...
I love your blog and will visit it often.

kveta said...

dear d,

i am happy you are thinking of becoming a sweet fruitling. it will surely simplify your life.

in what climate do you live?

thankyou for sharing your blog.

have a sweet day.

one love,

Anonymous said...

I live in Portland, OR. It is cold, gray, dreary and rainy most of the year. We were very excited one day last week because we had about four flakes of snow...we were hoping for alot, of course, but it just all turned to rain again!

I'll be able to leave here in five years, then I'll be heading somewhere warm that's brimming with fruit, and someplace that's affordable.

I want to simplify. I hate suburbia! I dream of selling everything, hooking up my Honda Civic to a little teardrop trailer and just going away with just books and some music.

kveta said...

dear d,

i love your dream, i can easily relate to it as i had the same one.only it changed bit for me now when i am with sweet mango, we are going to live on some land growing mighty fruit trees.

i use to live on raw fresh fruit traveling/sleeping in a car and i have the best time of my life.

keep your lovely dream alive.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I will never let go of this dream!

It is frustrating: my kids are pure suburbia, my husband is Mr. Electronic Everything. All carnivorous, cooked, processed "food" junkies (although they do thrive on my daily fresh almond milk!). They all want bigger/more. I want smaller/less. I broke our refridgerater (I wrote a post to Mango about it), and you know what? My husband and kids are much happier! We have extra room in our kitchen without this big, monstrous, energy-sucking giant filled with worthless crap.

Our electric bill was $310 (typical for where we live) so I went to the fusebox and turned off the heat and the dishwasher. Now I spend my days foraging for scrap wood. I heat our house with wood and everyone loves that, too. It seems with every little thing that's taken away they are happier. They just don't realize that they'll be happier with less, but maybe I can slowly convince them one thing at a time!

In the meantime, I'll work towards my dream of spartan living in a nice little town that's not been corrupted by a big, dishonest government like we have here.

Thank you for your support. Let me know sometime what your life was like before? I so envy your life now!

kveta said...

you are welcome...thanks for sharing your inspiring story.

life before fruit was easy for me i never suffer any serious illness. i was slow, fussy and small eater, with aversion to sugar, fat, artificial flavors etc.

i become ethical fruitarian over night with ease and without any noticeable detox. that happened on my first fast when i naturally lost appetite after 2 years on raw fresh fruit.

have lot of fruitarian fun.