Thursday, November 29, 2007


last night, only few hours ago mango did finish video for my audition to big brother tv show. i felt i should do it, so i did. it was fun making the video. mango is great with camera and directing. he cut and made up 1:45 min video.  he is very helpful and clever, he just look in to video editing few weeks ago for few days.

yesterday we shared blended watermelon, and bit later opened durian were enjoyed by few worms. so we got in the shop and mango exchanged for good one and they told him to keep the worm one. we also got on the way some big paw paws, apricots and avos.

so we had durian on the beach. yeah, fruitarian fun under the sun! sun busking & swimming/twice, ocean is warming up. oh, the delicious sun was hot. durian was heavenly...

after beach we shared blended watermelon and later some avos tomato cucumber, much later we ate the worm durian, hmmm, very yummy one.

happy me
happy fruitling me. by mango

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