Saturday, November 29, 2008

my mum made me happy

i rang her last night and she told me she was busy and she had only 20 minutes for me, i said i am glad she had some time for me and as it happened we ended up talking for 80 minutes. she spoke to me about her secrets, our family, friends, and she also gave me a report on what she is eating and how she feels. years back, when she was telling me how sick she was i used to tell her how only changing her eating habits could save her. oh, she would get at times angry at me, and told me one day to stop nagging her. so i thought well, the truth is that she has heard it all, so i thought i will just stop telling her, which i did, and from that time on when she complained about her health, i just said i am sorry to hear that, i would not say much more...only a few times i told her to cut the fat out. she did not like it...yes, because she loves the fat. i understand it is not easy for her.

well, after some time, she began voluntarily to give me reports on what she was eating, and how she felt after her meals without me asking, and i always praised her positive fruity progress. yes, magic sweet fruit is increasing in her diet. and finally i am hearing what i wished to hear for such a long time, last night she said to me, "oh, a few days ago i sinned" then she paused and i was thinking i wonder what this is about, not showing any curiosity, waiting in silent excitement for her confesion...not for long, in a few seconds she continued: "i ate some stroganof i made, i had only a little bit, and very soon after i felt very sick, i could feel how much fat there was, how heavy it was, and even when i had only steamed chicken breast with vegetables i felt sick after that as well, so i think i cannot eat meat any more..." oh, how i was happy to hear that her body is saying no to meat and heavy fatty foods. i knew it would happen, as she is now eating mainly raw fresh fruit and raw or cooked vegetables for about the last 7 months and she lost over 10 kg. so i explained to her what is happening and that that is very good news, as her body is stronger now and quicker to recognise and reject highly toxic "food". what she is telling me makes sense to me and i believe her. but when i hear or read somewhere stories like that someone was fasting for 40 days and then had a steak and felt great, but after eating banana was feeling sick, it is clear to me that that is a statement of pure nonsense. just like most of the info on what and how to eat/drink i have ever seen. no wonder almost everyone is so confused, there is so little truth, and so much misleading information.

those who knows the truth, recognises the lie. truth/clear mind opens eyes, lie/confusion closes them.

my mum is 72 and it seems like her life just began
my mum is 72 and she feels like her life just began
my mum is 72 and her goal is to live a long healthy and peaceful life
she is my sweet mum.

and she now boasts to others, about how i helped her, advising them to eat more fruit and veg. 

i am enjoying summer watermelon

i am enjoying summer watermelon


Frederic said...

Nice pic Kveta. however I have a question to ask to you & Mango.
A few years ago I was 200 pounds. Then I became a vegetarian and my weight dropped to 185. Now when I switched to a Fruitarian diet it dropped to 163(2 months ago.) Today I took it and it was 155. I am a little concerned. What can I do to stabilize it? Eating more bananas maybe?( I only eat 4 of them per day) and I get mostly smoothies the rest of the day & I eat like you cucumber + tomatoes & sometime avos. Thanks for your time.

Frederic said...

Also my blood pressure keep changing. In the morning it is 130/83 then when I get off work around 11PM it is 148/99. I have been following that Fruitarian diet for 1 years now , I was expecting getting better results than that without saying that I still take 1 medication. What can I do? I suspect my digestion has to do something with my bad numbers on night time but I am not 100% sure about this.

Thx Mango and Kveta for your answer.


Frederic said...

Also if your advices happens to be helpful for my blood pressure, I will pay you.

Again thx for your time guys.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kveta. . .

I love this story about your mother. Wow, it is never too late! She is blessed to have you, her fruit angel daughter.

My own mother died when she was only 50 from colon cancer. (Or, more correctly, from the treatment for the colon cancer.)

That was 30 years ago, and not much was discussed about healthy food and lifestyle. But she was seeking for herself, and before it was all over, she came to the conclusion on her own that it was what she had been eating that was causing all her problems, physical and mental/emotional. I was proud of her for figuring that out and knowing the truth.

Yeah, gotta love those mothers!

I bet you have so much fun, sharing the fruit giggles with your mum.

: )

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely picture of you, Kveta.

And how wonderful to hear about your mother finding out that emat is bad for her.

I've gotten my parents in on starting rawfood as their new year resolution. Hopefully they will come to the same conclusion as your mother. I've tried to tell them how they'll feel, but it seems to discourage them, so I'm keeping my mouth shut.

kveta said...

hi, fred,

there is no need to worry about your weight, or blood presure, or other, just worry abut how you are going to live a fruitarian lifestyle. you cannot enjoy a better health on other stuff than raw fresh fruit, and if you wish fast.

all the best,

kveta said...

dear julie,

yes, my mum is blessed to have me, still she is blessed to be able to make some changes...

i am sorry to hear your mum had to leave you so soon, just because she could not see how to live better. and it looks like when she knew, it was too late? yes, we love our mums. they are full of unconditional love for us. even some have problems to show it.

yeah, me and my mum, we giggle a lot, especially on fruity and sunny holidays.

love, love, love,

kveta said...

thankyou tornerose,

yes, mum is getting in to a stage when meat is way too heavy for her, and makes her very very sick, even for days, and she vomits as well as being energy less. but with her positive thinking, she always appreciates the loss of kgs due to her loss of appetite.

i am glad you are there for your parents, it is not always easy but worth it. it is good to talk, but only when they want to hear, and it is the best just to squeeze some sweet raw fresh juices for them, and with time they will get surely used to having them regularly.

all the fruity best,