Friday, December 5, 2008

sunday market recycling

is a great way to save some human and land resources and make some pocket money. me and mango we skipped the previous sunday as it was cold and rainy, but the sunday after was a very hot and sunny day, the sun was so strong, that my forehead got sunburned. yeah, it happens to me sometimes that i get sunburned especially when i do not move enough while in the sun, but i never make a big deal from it because i have and apply my magic fresh aloe vera plants with it's healing and pain killing powers when it is needed.

it is not only recycling i like about the sunday markets. it is also interaction with others, i find it very interesting, educational and entertaining. mango seems to have a good time as well, and we make a great team.

this sunday we were more hungry than usual and we shared twice some very sweet fresh and yummy nectarines and later on raw fresh orange juice made on the spot by mango. after markets we enjoyed mango orange drinks and then tomato with lebanese cucumber pealed and chopped for me and the same with avo for mango. yes, i am still off the yummy avocados, because my body mind and spirit say no to them. yes, taste buds say yes, but i say no.

summer time is here and we love it.

fruitarian mango at the markets

yummy mango at kingsford markets

fruitarian kveta at the markets

and me...come and see us :)

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