Saturday, November 15, 2008

9 days on raw fresh fruit juices

were easy enjoyable and very beneficial as always. raw fresh fruit juices are easy to digest, they enter the bloodstream faster, and therefore fresher, than when the whole fruit is eaten, even when it is well liquefied in the mouth by chewing. i am aware that they are some who think, usually after reading somewhere about it, that raw fresh juices are not "healthy" or recommended. i am sure, if they would only have a go at it, they would see in a very short time, the TRUTH about raw fresh fruit juice goodness. well, it can be that some highly toxic people can feel a bit uneasy at times, but that is only due to detox, as while raw fresh fruit juices are entering the bloodstream, the body is happily detoxifying.

it is only the second time that me and mango drank a variety of raw fresh fruit on our regular monthly raw fresh fruit juice feast, usually we drink only oranges, grapes or watermelon. i observed there is not much difference if i drink mono or if i mix my raw fresh fruit drinks. i began to think that it may be the juices alone from which the body truly benefits, and not so much the mono regime.

we broke our yummy fruit drinking feast with magic durian, yum, yum, yum, and we continue to drink most of our fruit as always. some may think that drinking fruit is unnatural. i on the contrary, think that if i live in more natural surroundings, i would be in a paradise fruit forest, with such an abundance of yummy raw fresh fruit. because i do not believe that dried fruit or fruit frozen for too long, is truly  fresh and therefore should not be eaten. in my abundant fruit paradise i would naturally want just the best of the best that fruit can give me: its raw fresh juice.

the sunday market was fun and i am ready for the next one tomorrow.

the day before yesterday was a beautiful beach day, me and mango had 2 long swims even though the ocean was more cold than usual, and we charged our 'batteries' with powerful sun rays. yeah, the ocean was cold, but so beautifully blue and calm as a lake...and as always i felt amazing afterwards.

and we had fun on our digital camera course.

every day is sweet with yummy raw fresh sweet fruit
every day is sweet with my sweet sweetie mango
and it was the mighty raw fresh fruit that guided me to his life.


ps: today we just finished a very yummy "one apple one orange juice and almost one durian" mix. the durian was not particularly sweet and creamy, that is why. yum. i could eat it again. a not especially good durian became something rather special. durian is magic.

looking forward to my morning swim


Anonymous said...

Hi, Girlfriend!

It's me, Fruity Jules!

I really love this post. :)

Great minds are thinking alike. I was deep in thought just yesterday about this subject of fruit juice. It is like mother's milk to me. It is Mother Nature's milk!

And I agree completely with your notion of how it would be, living in abundance in a fruitarian paradise. Yes, we would know how to obtain juice! I like to juice with my hands or in my mouth which seems natural. I prefer not to use any electrical equipment, as that doesn't feel right to me.

Lately I have been having lots of organic valencia orange juice and it is heavenly. I feel it absorb into my mouth and into my whole being. I have a couple of small watermelons for a treat later today. Black grapes have been good lately for juicing, too.

I am so grateful for beautiful soothing comforting fruit juice, my life blood. If I had to go back to the heavy greasy salty slop, I would be in serious pain and nausea. I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't know about the blessing of fresh fruit juice.

Glad to know we are on the same wavelength. . .

: )

Love to you,

Frederic said...

Hi Kveta,

I guess you convinced me with your fruit mix !:). I stopped my second blood pressure medication and now my BP reading are around 140/100. I will try to mix fruits and was thiking mixing: Apple, Watermelon, Papaya and a little bit of Mango.A few months ago I stopped getting fruit juice mix because they were giving me gases and were raising my diastolic readings. Papaya should stabilize the digestive issues that I normally have while drinking juices. I will try tomorrow :)



Daytime Sunshine said...

hi, I'm new to learning out about this sort of diet. Is it possible that you could send me more info about it? and how this diet is different than the Eden diet? I'm not sure of where to look. I'm also curious, I heard that too much fruit juice could cause the runs. Does that mean that your body is detoxing?

Daytime Sunshine said...

oh, and my email address is


kveta said...

sweet julie, it is always nice to see you. you are my longest cyber fruit sister. thankyou for all sweetness you are adding to my life.

raw fresh juice = mother's nature milk, well said. yes, i agree the best juice is sqashed by hands or teeth, still i love to use electrical juicer or blender for its time convience, if i juice fruit in my mouth i would be juicing all day long...ha ha ha and so on. true once i live in the country, for juicing i would get some good manual fruit press. i am happy you are so natural with your juicing.

and happy for you, that you are in turn with raw fresh fruit, enjoying its existence in your bloodstreem. surely it will keep you free from health worries. i also feel sorry for everyone who does not have ears to hear the amazing and beautiful raw fresh fruit news.

enjoy your fruitful days,

kveta said...

hi, fred,

it is normal to have some discomfort while on raw fresh fruit it is due to detox and the healing process, and not the fruit/s you are eating/drinking. it may take years on raw fresh fruit only, before your health improves. have fruitarian fun. kveta

kveta said...

dear holly,

the best info on fruitarian lifestyle is here at my blog, and also at mango's blog. there is mainly misleading info on other fruity cyber places. i assume that the eden diet is one of raw fresh fruit, and if it is, than i am on the eden diet. yes, the runs are from detox and the healing proccess, which is more potent on raw fresh juices only, than just eating raw fresh fruit as is. fasting is another alternative, but most people are not mentaly or physically ready for that.

thankyou for your email, but i do not email very much and to many people, i am trying to be on line as little as possible, best is if you have some fruity questions to ask here, so others can also benefit. even here i at times take ages before i answer.

have a sweet day,