Sunday, July 11, 2010


is a fruit i used to value more for its looks than for its flavours, so for many years i ignored pumpkin as a food source and if someone offered me one, i used to refuse it. only once i made an exception. it was about twelve years ago. i had a neighbour tereza she had cerebral palsy and was a very lonely girl and she use to often visit me. i used to make yummy fresh fruit juices for us from my own fruit and after some time she came over with a pumpkin. i asked her what the pumpkin was for, and she said for juicing i said hmmm i don't think it is going to be very nice juice, and she said, why not? pumpkin is yummy. well i wanted to make her happy and i made the pumpkin juice and i was very surprised how tasty it was. but i also for some reason forgot about it and i never juiced any pumpkin again.

a bit over two months ago me and mango were given a pumpkin while visiting fruitopia i refused it at first but i decided to take it as a house decoration and a few weeks later i left overseas for two months to visit my family and friends and when i returned i saw the pumpkin in our kitchen and i asked if it is the one from fruitopia and mango said no, he juiced it with tomato and cucumber and this one was given to him by a man at the local markets who sells fresh produce from his garden. mango refused the pumpkin as well but the man insisted so mango took it.

today, this afternoon, when we were wondering what to eat next, mango suggested pumpkin and tomato juice. i said hmmm, this sounds very interesting, so mango went ahead and made it. and to my big surprise it was a very delicious drink, i enjoyed to its last drop.

and later on we ate the pumpkin and tomato pulp from the juicer mixed with avocado. i ate it first without avocado and later on i added half of an avo and it was both ways delicious. it was again mango's idea.

well, for so many years i ignored such an awesome treat. amazing. sometimes i have a treasure right in front of my nose and i don't even notice it. i learned from this experience to be more slow in refusing any fruit and pay more attention to it.

pumpkin is not only a beautiful fruit to look at, but it is also very tasty fruit for juicing.

pumpkins grow easily they don't need much water as well and i am sure there will be from now on always pumpkins growing in our fruity garden. yum, yummy, yum. i think tomorrow i am going to sow some pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin we ate and drank today. and even though it was a small one, we have another half left for tomorrow.

today we drank pineapple orange juice, we ate longans in the sunny garden, we drank orange mandarin juice, then pumpkin tomato juice, later on we ate pumpkin tomato pulp with avocado, then we ate cucumber tomato avo mix, and finally we finished off the longans.

life is beautiful

yummy pumpkin

yummy pumpkin

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