Friday, December 19, 2008

we broke the liquefied raw fresh fruit feast

on the tenth day. first me and mango enjoyed a very sweet watermelon drink and when we arrived home from fruit shopping we shared a creamy and yummy durian. enjoyed ok apricots, and amazingly tasty drink from pealed white peaches and orange, definitely another one to remember. i love drinking or eating very sweet white peaches and nectarines. i love the summer fruit season. we also ate pealed lebanese cucumbers and tomatoes. mango had his with avo. he had one avo while shopping and a few much later, i had durian.

yes, i am avocado free for about a month now and free from cravings. i am getting more giggly as time goes, yes, that is what i was missing at avocado free.

since purely for ethical reasons i decided to live on raw fresh fruit i never look back. the fruitarian lifestyle fully satisfies me. i love who i am, the way i feel and i love to be. i am happy that i found the fruitarian lifestyle within me and not in some confusing diet books. raw fresh fruit is me, my nature, my spirit.

i love to choose all my fruit and i let only people i know including myself prepare it for me. i do not eat/drink fruit in any public place like juice bars, restaurants and so on. when i am food socialising i take my own fruit and eat it or i do not eat at all. or i eat from fruit trees. mango is the only person i let choose fruit for me. of course at times i have to make exceptions, like on long flights to europe, but i usually eat very little from an already very little meal, as most fruit provided is not ready yet.. so i always take my fruit on board with me and enjoy! or in some rare instances i have to ask someone to get some fruit for me.

today we bought 3 trays of mangoes, 3 durians, white peaches 8kg, lychees 1kg, apricots 2kg, 5 bananas, a box of valencia oranges, lebanese cucumber 3kg, tomato 2kg and avo 3kg

i love fruit and i am blessed to have sweet fruitarian mango to share it with.

life is

sweet mangosteen thailand 06

one of my favorite fruits - mangosteen thailand 06
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Anonymous said...

dear kveta,
I am from germany and i want to become a fruitarian in near future..I wanted to know if it is ethical to buy fruit that has been shipped from other countries?
You know, because of the C0² ?
and another problem:
How to convince my parents to accept my diet?

peace, love and hugs


kveta said...

dear daria,

i hope your fruitarian wishes come true.

well, it is not ethical to buy fruit, its not ethical to burn fosil fuels, still, at times we have to make compromises, as the world we live in now is wery unethically set up and it is not always easy to be fully free due to many rules and regulations. btw, not only fruit but also other stuff people eat is do not let such nonsence stop you from your dream of eating just yummy sweet fruits.

you do not need to convince anyone, only yourself.


ps: where does your name come from?