Thursday, December 11, 2008

this month, we began with our raw fresh fruit drinking feast

 lucky pineapple picture by Fruitarian mea bit later than usual, because on the 4th we went on a community bus trip to see some countryside, visiting some waterfalls, but this is a story for another time. me and mango agree that once freshly made juice is made it should be drank straight away, so we never bottle our juices for later, and it would be awkward to make juice on the bus so some sweet yummy fruits were organised for us.

so yesterday was our second raw fresh fruit drinking day, and we shared and enjoyed watermelon 4 times, mango orange grapefruit once, mango orange once, cucumber tomato chili once. all half a litre and all very yummy.

and on the previous days we were mainly drinking mango orange or mango orange grapefruit mix, eating lots of very sweet and juicy mangoes, pineapple, cherries, lychees, apricots, pealed tomatoes and libanise cucumbers, and some hot or not so hot chilies. mango avos, i am still avo free for about 2 weeks now, and i LOVE it. and of course the magic durian. mango had few weeks durian break and i had about 2-3 a week, then we shared few together. we slow down on durians only for economical reasons. durian is expensive and we are saving

for a trip around magic land of oz (australia), mango suggested it and i agreed with him, as this is one of my dreams for a long time, so let's see what happens. mango said that once we have our land he would like to be there with our baby fruit trees, and not traveling for a long time. and traveling around oz could take us almost a year, as oz is a big country with so much to also love to see tropical western australia, before we decide to settle, we may like it and end up living there instead of far north queensland...

summer is hot and today is raining, the garden is happy and growing well, so are we.

life is sweet 

fruitarian me with yummy fruit

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