Wednesday, December 17, 2008

today is the 9th day of our raw fresh fruit drinking feast

and it is a great and special experience as always.

this time i noticed that while we are doing mixed fruit drinks instead of mono, we both need less fruit to drink. it even makes sense to me, because with more variety there is more nutrition. more nutrition means more food.

me and mango we were drinking mainly mango and orange, mango orange and banana, mango orange and grapefruit, mango orange grapefruit and banana, and almost every night tomato lebanese cucumber and hot chili. all delicious.yum. yum. yum. yesterday we had for our 4pm breakfast magic durian, it was frozen and we did not want to wait until the next day, so mango took all the edible segments out from the spiky shell and after he removed the seeds, he blended it into the perfect and most tasty ice-cream, oh, heavens that was the best eating experience for me, as always when i am eating durian de luxe, the heavenly fruit, always new and exiting, the king of fruit. perfect baby food. perfect food for all...yum,yum,yum, i love durian.

later on we had a sweet watermelon drink and much much later juice from one orange(mango) and two oranges(me)

time flies, and lately even faster than ever, 3hours seems like 10 minutes, and i am often amazed when i look at the clock and see the "real" time. i was even suspicious that our clock is too fast, but the computer said no...i was happy, i love to be lost in time, clueless what time or day it is, when one day feels like a thousand years and a thousand years as a day...

i also like when magic happens. it occurs often. this sunday, toward the end of the markets, i was thinking  oh, surprisingly it looks like the soft toys do not sell well, so i may give it a few more weeks chance and if nothing changes, we may sell them almost for free...i did not worry about anything, i was in peace with what ever...but soon after someone came and bought a lot of toys to send for some children in thailand. and soon after we were given some new stuff from a lady who had finished selling at the markets, she said she knew us from seeing us at the place where me and mango are getting most of our heavenly fruits.

and one of our regular customers said she would donate us some stuff she does not want any more...

so magic is arriving to us from all directions and me and mango we also decided to do the markets every no raining sunday till we leave sydney, and we booked a different permanent site on which we both made the same choice.

yeah, we had a very good and sunny time at our local  sunday markets. i even waake up naturally on time.

life is beautiful

mango is having fruitarian fun under the sun

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