Wednesday, May 28, 2008

raw fresh fruit make me feel

raw fresh fruit make me feel amazing. i love the lightness, giggles, peacefulness, euphoria, energy, joy, etc. i never felt so good before i become fruitarian. that is why i feel so blessed for getting so much for making raw fresh fruit only my food. i was not expecting reward and to my surprise, it arrived in abundance.  how i know the raw fresh fruit is the best? I CAN FEEL IT.

fruit, fruit, fruit, yum, yum, and mango are enjoying yummy fruits, we are getting green grapes by boxes and we are drinking them away almost daily, yeah, the real wine. i love grape juice. also very popular pineapple orange banana smoothie. eating delicious very original durians, yeah, every bit is unique, sweet persimmons, custard apples, tomatoes, avocados, chillies.

and we are having fruitarian fun in the sun, gardening (mainly mango), relaxing and eating durians, etc. every day is a sunny day.

DSC04762.jpg DSC04762.JPG picture by Fruitarian

self portrait (the morning before i turned 51)
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Azura Skye said...

Hey there,
I've seen your name mentioned in many places! And I recently found your forum - what a lovely place :)

So - here's wishing you a happy birthday - and wowzers, you look lovely.

Looking forwards to catch up on your previous posts, it's an honour to meet a life long fruity being x

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kveta. . .

It's me, Fruity Jules!

Great post here, and I TOTALLY understand. Yesterday I drank loads of watermelon juice and afterwards I felt immediately happy and high and giggly. Now I KNOW how incredibly and powerfully food affects you, and right away, too!

Yeah, keep on telling the truth. . .everyone has a right to know the truth.

: )

Love to you,

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and am learning alot. I've been trying to eat fruitarian too. But, I have a question, do you eat all organic fruit? It's so expensive, it's hard for me to afford.

kveta said...

thankyou azura skye, for lovely post. i am glad you found me :)

nice to meet you..i like your name.

have sweet fruity day.


kveta said...

dear julie,

thankyou for sharing your fruity giggly experiences. i am happy for you.

enjoy your fruitarian bliss

much love,

kveta said...

hi anonymous :)

thankyou for let me know that you are learning with joy.

do not be afraid of eating other than organic fruit. there is more i like to say, so i will leave it for my next blog post, thankyou for inspiration.