Sunday, May 11, 2008

nuts! nuts are not nuts

"nuts are not nuts, nuts are seeds", said one character from friends (tv show), and i was glad to hear it, wondering how many people noticed. if someone has a problem to see that nuts are not nuts, but seeds, the best way to learn is to sprout them. the truth is that most seeds are heat treated and they may be dead, therefore not able to sprout.

when i came across first "fruitarians" via books or in person, i was surprised that they were so confused about nuts; they were saying that nuts are fruit! and when i told them that nuts are not fruit they would get upset with me...ha! if some people cannot get such a simple and obvious truth, how are they going to clear their confusion?

all seeds are saturated with fat,  the older the seeds are the older the fat is, the older the fat is the more toxic it becomes.

some people are trying to live fruitarian lifestyles being brainwashed that seeds (nuts) are fruit and they are trapped in (not only) a fat trap. seeds are not natural to the human body and  they are toxic and difficult to digest.  such "fruitarian" will never experience the true fruit bliss! i believe that seeds are one of the few reasons why some did not find their "fruitarian" lifestyle to be the best and they become confused even more than ever, looking for the truth.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( big hug )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

this morning i woke up with more joy and energy than usual, no wonder, yesterday  was the first only raw fresh fruit juice feast day for me and mango. we were drinking with joy sweet sweet sweet and so yummy grape (green) juice (3 or 4 5dl glasses each) and one very delicious new creation by mango; orange pineapple banana drink. and one spicy hot and tasty avo tomato chili drink.

during the last few days before our fruit drinking feast me and mango shared very magic durians, one or two daily. also drinking daily fresh raw grape (green) juices, eating custard apples, few mandarins, pears, bananas, avos, tomatoes, cucumbers and chili.

last week was sunny and warm, so me and mango were spending a lot of time relaxing on the hot sun. i love the sun energy, it is such treat after cold gloomy rainy april.

life is beautiful...

orange paw paw by kveta

we also had some paw paw last week.

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Anonymous said...

Aye, the whole "nuts" and seeds terminology.

I sure recall being 16, wanting to gof rruitarian. Still working on it. My lifelong wish.

I too get perplexed about how people label "ANYTHING from a tree is considered 'fruit,' whether it's nuts or seeds"

I got so annoyed with that. Whether it's a vegan group or any other, there's always that "proPAGANDAtein" thing coming up. As if I'm suppose to be eating nuts. I NOT WANNA EAT NUTS NOR SEEDS!

Aye, true bliss truly lies within fruit.

Sure reminds me of a certain woman who I will not speak of, said:

“Anything that is born of a seed or an egg, I will not eat. And I will only eat fruits, to grab the seed inside, and have that seed to flourish; and so her children will provide us with fruit too. And so we live in harmony”

Ah, living this "urban setting" sure has it's difficulties. I'm certain if I just concentrate on going fruitarian, one of such will have it's differences.

*beh* You fruit veterans are an inspiration. =-p


Wo Dao

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kveta. . .

Fruity Jules again. : )

This is another great post!

You are one of the very few advocating fruit only. . . no "nuts," seeds, greens, or water. And I am sure you are right. I agree! I am glad you are out here delivering this message. It is really too simple for most to believe.

Yesterday I had watermelon juice, bananas, and honey tangerine juice. It was a dream day of food. I felt like I was eating angel food.

That was a neat story about your sun dress. I think the Universe wants to provide for you and wants you to be happy. The law of attraction requires that you let good things come to you without effort. ; )

Thank you for writing to me. . . I love your sweet words and I love your blog.

: )

Love to you,

Via811 said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog. It's fantastic. I totally agree about the nuts-it's so obvious to me because I love gardening too! I just read one post, but I'll read more soon. Ciao

kveta said...

hi wo dao,

i like and agree with all you said. thankyou for sharing your inspiring post are appreciated.

all best on your fruitful path. yes,fruit first, rest will follow

fruit and :)

kveta said...

hi julie,

thankyou for sharing your love for fruit only. true,there is only few of us, whom is free from fruit confusion.

yeah, fruit is angel food..

yes, i relax and things come to me effortlessly. true, for some it may be effort..

love always,

kveta said...

hello via...,

thankyou for posting, i am happy you find us. i am pleased you also see the true nature of nuts.

enjoy your garden and fruit :)