Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the sun power

yes, me and mango we love the sun power. after gloomy cold and rainy april, sunny and warm may days arrived and we are making the most of it, spending as much time on the sun as we can. so while enjoying mighty sun after some sun deprivation i noticed the positive powers of sun, just like so many times before. i never paid attention to media brainwash about sun danger! no, i do not listen to them i do not wear a hut, sunscreen and long sleeves...and i spend hours of sun busking on oz summer beaches for last 23 years and i do not have skin cancer as i was promised....hmm...

this time our juice feast was a bit different as we ate at times durian or avocado. so not really big difference from our usual fruit munching as we drink most of our fruit anyway.

here is what we truly enjoyed in last few days:

3x green grape juice
1x pineapple orange banana smoothie

green grape juice
smashing durian on the sun yum, yum, yum...
green grape juice
tomato avo chili smoothie
green grape juice

10:30 am green grape juice (mango only)
03:00 pm green grape juice
06:00 pm tomato avo chili smoothie
later 1/2 avo as is

green grape juice
green grape juice
tomato avocado chili smoothie
orange grapefruit mandarin
avo as is me 1/2 mango 1and 1/2

green grape juice
magic durian
green grape juice
pineapple orange banana smoothie
orange juice

only me, sweet mango was fasting
10:00 am green grape juice
04:00 pm pear orange banana smoothie
05:30 pm one small avo

green grape juice
orange banana avo smoothie
green grape apple juice
tomato avocado chili amoothie

green grape juice
green grape apple juice
ornage juice
tomato chili juice

avo me 1/2 mango 1and 1/2
yummy durian on the sun
grape juice
orange tangerine juice
cucumber tomato avo chili mix (salad)
few small avos and some tangerines as is

every juice and smoothie is made from raw fresh fruit and we drink it straight away, they are usually 5dl at times 4 or 6dl.

yesterday i run in too good old friendly neighbor and friend. well, she run in to me, i got hers ph number and i hope to see her soon.

few days ago i got a ticket and i will spend august and 1/2 of september in europe

i am learning and growing a bit daily

i love fruit and fruit love me back. i love and i am loved.

life is beautiful

pink life 1 by kveta

pink greetings from our happy garden

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Anonymous said...

I've posted before, but it's been awhile. I don't keep up my little blog anymore...I've become obsessed with durian. As far as food, nothing else interests me!
We live in wet, cold Portland, Oregon USA and I tried durian (frozen, shipped in from Thailand). It's just about all I eat. You are so lucky to have durian growing there, and sun! One day when we're able to leave here we'll live somewhere where I can eat fresh durian all the time!

kveta said...

hi anonymous,

wow, durian obsession! i have my obsessions with many fruit especially when new season arrive.

me and mango we are also enjoying frozen durians from thailand while living in sydney. but like you, we have plan to move in to durian growing climate so we can have them fresh and more often... :)

durian is only frozen fruit we are eating, some people think they are toxic, but me and mango do not have problems with them, to us they are very special fruit.

enjoy your durian bliss