Saturday, May 3, 2008

is your tv killing you?

i wonder at times how much i am influenced by tv. is my tv killing me? should i kill my tv? i am using tv on and of. when i have tv i watch some comedy, nature related documentaries including travels. oz big brother. true stories and non violent movies (rare). i am aware that all i see influence my emotions, mind...

me and mango agree to use some tv while we are living in the shoebox, with tiny happy garden. the end of tv for us should began the day we move in to far north tropical Queensland away from civilization, living on land surrounded by miles of life giving magnificent and magic fruit trees including sweet and creamy the yummiest of all; the king of fruit MAGIC DURIAN, yum, yum, yum.

yeah, durians me and mango are sharing are so delicious. day before yesterday 3 small ones, today one big one.

yesterday i had my fist fruit at 2pm. avocado cucumber tomato chili,  that is only time i remember. much later i enjoyed fork mushed 2bananas, 2 pears, 1small avo.  later some guavas, mango get them for me from the tree he run in to while working/walking...he is not keen on guava, so they are all for me:) later on i had few mandarins.

today breakfast in bed at 8am. soon after mango surprised me with big and so yummy durian. we shared it's magic few hours after the creamy green grape juice. so sweet.

i went visit friend, no body home. i spend almost 3 hours in backyard, enjoying warm sun, gentle breeze, listening the birds singing and that was all i wanted i was deeply relaxed and peaceful. yeah, my eyes were mostly shut, at times i looked at flowers and trees around, painting pictures in my mind.

3pm me & mango munched on cucumber tomato avo chili mix, few hours later banana pear avo mix. later on we shared 3 mandarins. i had 2 guavas. i should take picture as i do not know the kind.

i had my first guava in byron bay (north coast australia) about 15years ago and i fell in love straight away. it is not very popular fruit in fruit shops, so i am looking forward to grow some one day. it is one of my beloved fruits.

life is

ps:no picture today spaceship is crashing.... :) just imagine

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Anonymous said...



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Fred. Dallas TX.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kveta. . .

It's me, Fruity Jules. :)

I am enjoying your blog so much. Thank you for keeping it. I love to hear about how your dreams are coming true, and how you will live in the tropical paradise you imagine very soon. I am happy for you and Mango.

I also really loved your interview with Mango. The pictures were excellent, as well, and I LOVE your dress with the sun. Did you make it? No surprise that you have such a cool bohemian style. Ha, ha.

Just dropping in to say hello. . .

Love to you,

kveta said...

hello fred,

thankyou for sharing your frutarian success.

i think it is good idea to have dating and penpal website for vegans and fruitarians included.

i am not sure yet, if i want to be somehow involved, what is your idea when you say if i want to be a part of it?

enjoy your life

kveta said...

sweet fruity julie,

thankyou for stopping by it was nice surprise to see a note from you.

i am happy you are enjoying my fruity journal :)

i found the sun dress by the rubish bins about 8years ago, it was new, not even washed once.

thinking of you, love, love, love,