Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i am back in the sweet land of oz

the place on earth i always miss when i leave for overseas, back in the sweet arms of sweet mango, the sweetest person i ever met.

i flew with russian airoflot from prague to china, but as soon as i boarded the qantas ship, i was at home, feeling so happy to see smiling friendly people again, even my fruit platter meals improved, still they were bit tragic, as some melons were a long way from being ready, hard and tasteless...but that is ok with me because i am an experienced air traveler, so i know what to expect and i take my raw fresh fruit with me. i do that even on earth, when i am visiting other earthlings, or i just do not eat.

the trip was very long: i left my mum on wednesday early morning and i arrived to mango on friday around midday. i spent the whole day in shanghai airport, but i did not mind, i was so glad that i was leaving for the place where i truly wanted to be...

happy lucky blessed me

sweetdurian219.jpg picture by Fruitarian

enjoying and sharing magic durians with sweet mango...

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Anonymous said...


Nice to see you back :) I will spare the spanking for this time only j/k:)

I am glad that you enjoyed your time there.

One day I will visit you guys , you are both fantastic and full of life.

I don't have much $ so I help the way I can. I am Fred , Orellio is the name of my cat so Mango does not need to interview me again :)

Take care guys,


Anonymous said...

*uwah!* "newsflash: The mystery of Orellio has been solved" =p

Aye, welcome back Kveta!

Hah, I too wish to go to Queensland someday. It's quite funky how I have a huge roster of people to meet over there too. =p

(Now only if Mu/Lemuria rises from the ground under the Pacific Ocean, I will finally walk my way to Australia..HAH! I'm definetly still whacked about oil prices and the like.) =p

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Kveta.
Must be nice for you to leave fall behind in europe and come home to springtime.

kveta said...

thank you fred,

yeah, come and see us one day, after we move out from our sydney shoebox to "streets" without names, tropical fruit paradise in far north queensland..

help helps... :)

ok. in that case, mango may interview your cool posting cat orellio ... :)

take fruitful care,
fruity kveta

kveta said...

hi tornerose,

yes, it is a great experience :)

sweet day to you,