Friday, September 26, 2008

i was shot today

it happened very fast and it took me by surprise, i was enjoying the warm spring sun on me, around hair flying in the gentle breeze  and  my  hands  were  busy  hanging  some  freshly  washed (in cold water only) clothes, looking forward to meeting sweet mango in the garden as soon as i finished, to join him in some gardening, smiling feeling so blessed and suddenly i can feel someones eyes on me, so i turned my head in that direction and i saw just for a split second about a 5year young small boy with his mum, in one hand he held hers and in the other hand he had a gun, and as soon as i looked at him....he shot felt like for real, only pain and death were not present and i thought to myself, oh, how easy it is to kill someone, and so fast that one does not have time to say is not just the kid with his toy in my eyes, it is clearly a conditioning of the mind.

besides that, today me and mango enjoyed: orange juice, orange juice, 5dl and raw fresh, avo, tomato, and very yummy paw paw... raw fresh fruit every day, magic durians, strawberries, rock melons, oranges, tomatoes, avos, all so yum!

i do not have gun.

all raw fresh fruit lifestyle is about love

cat on tree 6 by kveta

for all :)
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