Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our daily fruit

When i read in the holy bible about our daily bread, i always think of our daily fruit instead, it logically makes more sense to me, being fruitarian. I believe that cooked grains, including bread, are on the top of the list of the most deadly highly toxic foods. Yet, especially bread, rice and pasta are very popular staple foods all around the world. Almost no one, especially in the western world, can imagine their life without bread. Bread like all cooked foods, is not only toxic, but also addictive. Most of the earths population is addicted to cooked food. Since i changed my view on food and became an ethical fruitarian, eating only raw fresh fruit, i changed my perception to everything, including words in the holy bible. I found it much easier to understand. I believe that with mighty fruit i have discovered a mighty truth. Truth hidden from humans for ages.

I had been a fruitarian for a good twenty years when i met, on his web page, my fruitarian sweet heart Mango. We share our life and our view on it since may of 2006. To me it is a miracle, considering that there are only a very few only fruit fruitarians around the world. Not only there are only a few fruitarians around, but most of them would eat nuts and greens, taking B12 supplements, etc. and therefore i perceive them as raw foodies, not fruitarians. In my books a fruitarian eats only fruit. It is simple, yet, a lot of people don't get it, in most cases lacking the understanding of what fruit is. Nuts are seeds. Greens are greens. Vegetables are vegetables. Fruit is fruit.

Me and Mango agree on what fruit is, and raw fresh fruit is our daily "bread". Enjoying the local fruit of Far North Queensland, we buy weekly at local markets, and some we get as a gift. Sometimes we buy surprisingly very tasty fruit on special in supermarkets. We are also getting delicious frozen durian from thailand. Yeah, the King of the Fruit.

A pineapple is consumed almost daily, mostly we drink it mixed with oranges, or oranges bananas, or oranges bananas, kiwi, or oranges pears bananas kiwi, or grapes bananas, etc. At times we eat pineapple as is.

Mango is slowing down on avocados, and getting more into bananas. He used to have occasionally one bite on a banana, now he eats a few a day. He used to have up to three avos a day, now it is quarter or half of one.

I have been having spells with and then without bananas for a few years now, before i ate them almost daily, at least 2kg a day. I have also been having a few months long breaks from avocados. I was never a big avocado eater, i got into them after starting to live with Mango.

We both don't eat plums, we just don't desire them.

I have also lately been slowing down on cucumber tomato, lately also with zucchini, salads. At times me and also Mango add chili to it.

During the mango season we ate mainly mangoes, or blended and drank them, yum! Mango season is over now.

We are also sharing almost daily very sweet and tasty pawpaw, mostly we blend them and drink them.

We also almost always drink our watermelon and rock melon. I also drink watermelon skin.

We love eating and drinking grapes.

We also love and are sharing almost daily yellow and white nectarines.

At times we add home made noni juice to our fruit juice fresh

At times we munch on lychees and longans and passion fruit.

We share and enjoy about four or five durians a week. YUM!

We love sharing our daily fruit.

Life is beautiful.

sweet and juicy watermelon

Yummy, sweet and juicy melon water melon :) great refreshment for hot summer days

healthy oranges full of healthy juice

Tasty healthy orange oranges for healthy juices. Who can say no to raw fresh orange juice?

tasty and healthy passion fruit

Delicious passion fruit, marvelous and frequently occurring gift from our friendly neighbour

Kveta and Mango in their kitchen

Mango is having fun with the pumpkin while i am working :))) in our kitchen.


Cosmic said...

inspiration to one's ears, thank-you Kveta!


kveta said...

Thank YOU Cosmic :) It is always nice to see you here.

Love & Fruit,

SuperAstro said...

Wonderful post kveta! I'm happy to learn how you and mango met five years ago, how wonderful!

I also absolutely agree about what fruitarianism is. I feel the same, and just like you I don't use any medication, supplements, cosmetics and cleaning products! Getting rid of body soap and shampoo was notably wonderful for my body which I did just four months ago. I'd love to be shoes free as well, but that I will do once I can dreamfully live in a tropical/sub-tropical place, and I will "practice" the shoelessness in a few months during Summer here in Canada.

You both seem to be enjoying very delicious fruits. I never had a durian in my life just yet! Do you guys sometimes remove the seeds from zucchinis, cucumbers or tomatoes? I used to do it when I was a young kid (or my mom would do it for me) because I didn't like the taste of the seeds, and now I've been doing it again. :)

I got 12 pineapples ripening in my house at the moment which I bought the day I started my orange juice "fast". I will have to end the fast very soon because I don't want to waste them and I think they are ripe. I might go back on mono orange juice when I'm done eating them as I enjoy the detoxing adventure a lot! I think the pineapples won't actually stop the detox, as long as I don't mix types of fruits I think my digestive track is on quite a vacation now oh all the difficult hardcore work he endured during all those years. Do you have any tricks to know best when pineapples are properly ripe and good to eat?

As for the question "Who can say no to raw fresh orange juice?" I think unfortunately millions of people do, especially in the "civilized" world - people who are sadly indoctrinated enough to believe sugar in fruits is dangerous but medication, bread, meat and dairy is healthy. I have hope that this will change soon...

SuperAstro said...

I think there are some greatly consummed foods that are much worst than bread (especially whole-grain bread):
french fries, fried chicken, hot dogs, pepperoni pizza, doughnuts, cakes, chips and ice cream

There's a food that originates from where I live (Qu├ębec province) called Poutine which is both highly consummed here and very unhealthy. It's made with french fries, cheese curds and brown sauce... massive dose of hydrolysed carbohydrates, trans fats, saturated fats, charcoal and salt.

That being said I agree bread is absolutely unhealthy, especially compared to quality fruits. And that's crazy when we think that bread is consummed daily by virtually every human being in "civilized" countries.

trashmaster46 said...

I'm curious how your quest for healthiness lines up with the round-the-world shipping costs of many of the fruits you eat (fuel costs & production, pollution from transport, low-wage & likely itinerant labor to grow them, etc). Not knocking your path, just curious how you are looking at that aspect.

Cand said...

I love seeing all your food.
You too are beautiful.
So is your food.

Cand said...

I agree,
people make compromises to their beliefs.

I assume they wanted to move to Queensland to be closer to the source of their food, and I remember reading they want to grow fruit trees.

Achieving these things takes time, and fruit is too delicious to resist. There are some really bad options around, and fruit tends to be on the lower side of the ethical scale. Organic being below that, local organic, being below that, home grown organic being the ultimate.

I too think about the consequences of not being nomadic, and 100% local.
This is ideal.

kveta said...

Hi SuperAstro,

Thank you for interesting and fruity post, it is nice to know they are others, who enjoy frutiarian lifestyle, and freedom from "cosmetics"

I the seeds are big, we remove them, if they are small, we eat them, but they are amazing and they not get crashed by our teeth and they passing trough our digestion system. i always take seeds out from water melon before i bled it, but if i juice it i leave them, because our juicer leave them whole.

sorry, i don't know when it is best to harvest pineapple, you may do some Google search about it..

Taking from my own experience, it is ok while on orange juice feast to have pineapple juice as well.. it may be too late now, but so you know for next time.. :)))

enjoy all you do,
fruity kveta

kveta said...

hi Super Astro,

Yeah, there are worse foods than bread, i believe they are processed or even raw meat and fat including nuts and seeds, yet, bread is the second worst in my books. I understand that value varies from person to person. that is ok with me.


kveta said...

Hi Trashmaster46,

Me and Mango we are well aware of our environment and we do our best to keep planet earth and ourselves clean as much as possible.

That is one of the reasons why we live in tropics where is plenty of local fruit. In supermarket, we buy only australian fruit. There is only a very little of shipped fruit from other countries, and they are of plastic quality anyway, therefore not of any value for us. WE are very fussy fruit eaters :)))


kveta said...

Hello Cand,

Thank you for kind words :)))

Also thank you for your reaction on SuperAstro's comment.. i agree with you, yet i like to add, that it may be ok to ravel at times and seek local fruit straight from farmers or at local markets on the way.. Me and mango had a few year ago adventurous fruity traveling month in Thailand. We ate only local fruit from local markets and some straight on farm.

have a sweet time,
kveta said...

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Anonymous said...

Aloha Kveta & Mango

I've been a vegan for 22yrs, of that 7yrs as raw vegan and the last 5yrs as mostly fruitarian with short periods of green juicing and small amounts of nuts... wheeew!, heavy with labels. Anyway, simply wanted to acknowledge your harmonious flow with mama gaia, thanks for sharing. I'm originally from California and Hawaii. I've lived in Thailand, Bali and So AM. I'm at the beginning of a new life here in Australia. After some years as a nomad, I'm ready to settle. At the moment I'm in Brisbane. I'll be departing by car to the Tropical Far North near the 29 Sept., less than a week. I would love to meet You and Mango. I'm very interested in discovering a fruitarian or at the very least vegan community. Actually, meeting You and Mango would be a very lucky beginning! Wow! I'm really stunned there are others in the area I want to live that share my values and lifestyle. I hope to hear from you two soon. My email is I would love to get my lips on a durian. My ears are wide open to any advice you may have before I begin my drive.



Anonymous said...

Didn't check my message before I sent it.

Near the end, I meant to say that I'm really stunned there are others in the area I want to live that share my values and lifestyle : )


Jane E Lythgoe said...

Hi kveta! I though you might like to know that I have a blog that gives daily email encouragement to bible-inspired fruitarians named "Our Daily Fruit" ( My first post addresses how we’re blessed to get bread—but even more blessed to get fruit! Love Jane.