Sunday, February 27, 2011

our garden

is our joy. Mango is doing most of the work, i have my own small patches as well. We also share a little pot plant nursery of fruit trees and flowers. Most of our plants are fruit: tomato, cucumber, capsicum, chili, pawpaw, passion fruit, pineapple (about 300 plants), strawberry, okra. We don't eat okra, we are growing it for it's beauty and fast growth.

It is almost one year since we moved into this house and the pawpaw plants we have grown from seeds are all flowering and 4 trees are also fruiting. Our neighbor gave us three small seedlings of passion fruit and they have been also flowering and fruiting for a few weeks now. It does not take long to get a few varieties of fruit. Cucumbers grow very fast, they love the tropical hot sun. We also grew a few cute and very sweet mini watermelons. Mango is planting every pineapple top from all pineapples which get mostly juiced into a tasty and don't forget, healthy drink. Yum! Yummy and healthy, perfect combination. We can say that about all our meals.

I am growing flowers as well, i usually don't know their names, but they are beautiful as all flowers are. Beautiful, colorful magical, mysterious, adorable fragile flowers. I love them. I've collected seven different kinds of orchids.

I am growing aloe vera as well. Aloe vera is an amazing miraculous plant and they have always been in my garden since i experienced their natural positive healing power, over twenty years ago.

It is easily visible, how all plants are benefiting from the rain season. Rain water, is the best water, fresh and clean. The sun is also busy, shining almost daily, and it never forgets to say hello between rainy showers. The fruit compost is turning fast into top quality top soil, feeding our garden well. We are following the wisdom and practicality of Vegan Permaculture, mulching our garden with hay from grass cuttings.

Birds, butterflies, grass hoppers, bees and frogs are also enjoying our garden. They are all our pets. We enjoy their freedom, beauty and company.

Garden is a very essential part of my life and i am glad, that everywhere i have lived since i was 23, i have been able to have one. I'll never forget my first gardening experiences, sowing tiny seeds of flowers and vegetables wondering how it is possible,that from such tiny seeds a big plant is going to grow. How impatiently i was looking forward to the seedlings to come out from the soil, and the feeling of happiness and amazement when they finally did. My compassion for growing plants grew along with them.

Life is beautiful

our garden me and cherry tomatoes

me and cherry tomatoes in our garden

me in our garden

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