Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fruit update

Since cyclone Yasi, most of the already expensive fruit in supermarkets, has increased in price. Bananas, at some places wiped out by strong Yasi, have doubled in price, from 5 to 10 AUD or even over. I am curious how many of those bananas actually get sold and how many end up being thrown into supermarket bins. Prices have risen up on all fresh produce, especially fruit. Despite all that, there are always some great specials (discounted friendly prices) on fruit.

Grapes are fully in season now, and we have been enjoying their sweet natural powers during the past two months. They are around 3 AUD kg and yummy. Grapes are very rarely sold at local markets, so we are getting our supply from the supermarket.

Pears come to to us the same way. I am not even sure, if they grow locally. Pears were never my favorite fruit, not like i didn't like them, i just didn't desire them. This story changed and i am enjoying pears which have been in season since last month.

Pineapples, bought always at local markets, are in season all year round and we drink them daily, usually for breakfast. We mix them with oranges, bananas, pears, at times kiwi or grapes.

Bananas in our locality survived cyclone Yasi, so we are enjoying very tasty and cheep local produce. We buy most of them on the road, next to the fruit farms.

Passion fruit is a fruit we get for free from our friendly neighbor. She brings them to us regularly since we moved in, one year ago. Soon we are going to harvest passion fruit from our garden.

Oranges have also been very expensive since the beginning of the summer and we are lucky to get them much cheaper from local growers. Oranges are in season all year round, and they are a very important part of our fruitarian life and we almost always have them in our place. The local oranges are the most juicy and yummy and we are glad we can get them freshly picked straight from the growers. The same goes for other available citrus fruit, mostly grapefruit and mandarin.

Durian is one of our favorite fruits, and we are buying five a week at the supermarket. They arriving frozen from Thailand. We used to get them only in a town 30km away from us, but recently Mango ordered a box of five durians a week in our own town. We save on petrol money and environment, and we also save on getting them a bit cheaper. Last year we enjoyed locally grown durians, but this year is a very poor season, so we are not getting any. Once again, we are saving money, because we used to travel once a week 60km one way, and they were also double price 10 AUD for one kg.

Longans are also fruit we love a lot and we buying them at local markets.

Paw paw (papaya) is also almost always on our table, all year round and always from local growers.

Cucumbers come to us partly from local markets, partly from supermarket.

Tomato the same like cucumbers, both fruits are always in our place and soon we are going to buy them straight from J's farm, just like last year, he is growing the best local tomatoes and cucumbers, we know of.

Avocados are fully in season now, we buy them all year round, it is very rare that there is no avocado in our place.

Me and Mango, we are enjoying our only fruit meals, made from raw fresh fruit, juiced, blended, or just as is.

Raw Fresh Fruit satisfies our hunger and sustains our energy and wellbeing.

Raw Fresh Fruit satisfies our soul.

Life is Beautiful

healthy summer tropical fruit

fruity corner in our kithen, oranges, tomatoes, yellow sapote, black sapote, mangosteen, chilli.. healthy tropical sumer fruit

healthy pineapples

sweet and juicy pineapples

pears and grapes

grapes and pears the green power, sweet and juicy as well..


Unknown said...

Hi Kveta,
I have a fruity question, brought to mind by the pictures of your beautiful yellow pineapples. We ordered a box of pineapples from the local distributor and the pineapples came fully green, I could see that they would hurt my mouth to try to eat them. So Rob put them on a high shelf to ripen, but the pineapples turned brown instead of yellow and started growing white on the shell. We quickly cut off the skin and juiced them in two days, but they were sour and not much flavor.

Do pineapples ripen after picking? I have heard both yes and no. If they do, what is the best way to ripen them?
<3 <3 Thanks, and love from both of us <3 <3

kveta said...

hey Lindsay,

Nice to see you here. Thinking of you.

The answer to your question is in the next blog post.

Love <3<3<3 and fruit,