Sunday, April 25, 2010

raw fresh fruit

always appealed to me through it's sweet aroma and yummy taste, and it was always my most favorite food, therefore it was not difficult to find the way to my fruitarian lifestyle and stay faithful to it.

since the time i started living on raw fresh fruit, it's pleasant scents, colours and tastes have grown even closer to my heart, and i've fallen in love with fruit more than ever. and just like every true love never dies, but on the contrary lives and grows, so do fruit trees, and like true love, they are very giving. - full of lovely aromatic tasty gifts of amazing and adorable colours and shapes. every fruit is unique and original and beautifully decorates my place.

of all the foods known to man, raw fresh fruit is the easiest and fastest to digest and therefore does not put a strain on the digestive system such as other plants, fats, meats, eggs, milk and everything else that most humans live on, that is not fruit.

raw fresh fruit contains a lot of fruit juice, and supplies our body with all it's required liquid, and that's why a true fruitarian does not experience thirst and therefore there is no need to supply additional liquid via water from tap, well, spring or as has been in fashion for some years now, from plastic and rarely glass bottles.

raw fresh fruit is rich with all necessary nutrition, which guarantees ones optimal health

raw fresh fruit is the natural food for humans

raw fresh fruit has a lot of enemies, people who are missing out on wellness and the joy of life.

with raw fresh fruit life is beautiful.

grapes rambutan mango

grapes, rambutan and mango


grapes and the sun inside and out

mango and premi

my man mango (49) and our friend premi (over sixty) they are both fruitarians and they don't complain

fruit and me

fruity me (52) and i also don't complain


Cosmic said...

Wow! Those two young dudes look soo fresh-faced, peachy and rosy(You don't look too bad yourself, Kveta:)!

Dito! my 'fruity' sentiments entirely:)


Esmee La Fleur said...

It is so true how fruit fills the house with beauty and fragrance.

I gather that you do not eat any greens, and I am wondering for how long you have not eaten them?

I also never hear you mention nuts and assume you don't eat them either. Nuts don't agree with me. What about avocado's though?

Anonymous said...

dear kveta,

your fruity pictures are so beautiful! you look wonderful in your photo also!

many blessings,

Jenna-Rae said...

dearest kveta,
i had written you a note a couple weeks ago about how i enjoyed your website. my life continues to be as fruity as ever!
i was wondering if you or mango know of any organic fruit farms near you in Australia that are into WWOOFing. it seems like such a great way to travel and learn more about DIY living.

take wonderful care,
your friend,

30BaD said...

Great photos Kveta :-) I keep getting updates from your blog sent to me and I'm enjoying your journey. Keep on blogging X

Fruity Jules said...

Hi, Kveta. . .

There is a lot of truth and wisdom in this post of yours. I have read it several times for the feeling of peace and love it gives me. I knew from the beginning that you were right on.

Sending love to you,
Julie ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Kveta! Would you like to have a look on a new fruitarian site - you are most welcome there. If you decide to make a profile, add your blog to our collection and your RSS. If not, tell me please and I add your blog by myself.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Lena ( - for the reply)

Esmee La Fleur said...

Hi Kveta, there is another new web community for fruitarians. It would be great if you and mango would join and share your experiences with all of us there.

Pineapple Blessings, Esmee

kveta said...

dear cosmic,

i am glad that you can see that magic fruit speak for itself.

love and fruit for ever and all,

kveta said...

dear esmee,

fruit is full of life pure and sweet just like people whom let love and fruit in.

yes, just fruit, no greens and nuts, that is my way. i had my last avocado almost two months ago. i am on and of with avokado fruit, mostly off troughout my fruitarian bliss.

have a sweet days,

kveta said...

thank you laura. fruit is happiness, happiness is beauty.

many blessings to you as well,

kveta said...

dear jenna rae,

i am happy for your fruity path. i am glad you like my fruitweb.

wwoofing, the best is to get a wwoofing book and have a look.

love and peace,
and never forget the life giving fruit,

kveta said...

sweet freelee,

i am also glad to know you. i am busy now to post, but soon i will be back.

i hope to see you soon on some fruitfull party.


kveta said...

sweet jules,

i know you know since we met.

my love is always with you,

kveta said...

dear anonymous,

thank you so much for info, i would like to have a look when i have time, soon, with curiosity and joy.

love is yours.

kveta said...

thankyou esmee, for a new fruity web info, i will wisit soon.

sweet strawberrie blessing for ever,

kveta said...

love, love, love, to all,