Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pure fruit documentary

here it is thanks to emile, david, me mango and others, the first minutes of the fruitarian documentary movie. enjoy. i love it. i hope you do too.

sweet fruity fruitful days and love to all,


Fruity Jules said...

Dear Kveta. . .

OMG! I LOVE this! You guys are a couple of characters. . . adorable characters.

I can already tell they have done a beautiful job of creating a lovely film and I look forward to watching the whole thing. Do you know when it will be available?

Love to you and Mango,
Julie :)

Anonymous said...

Peaceful video =)
Thank you so much for sharing your fruitarian path
Love to you two

kveta said...

sweet as fruit jules,

omg, i love it as well. thank you for your love.

yes, emile and david are clever and creative and me and mango are also looking forward to see the whole film.

life is beautitiful, so is you.

kveta said...

sweet anonymous,

love and sweet greetings to you. and thank you for your yummy post.

hug and mandarins,

kveta said...

dear life travelers, i will be back soon.

may love and fruit be with you for ever.

love and fruit are one.

fruit is beautifull

take it,¨
love it,
live it,
fruit and love,
that is it,
it is all what you are looking for. forgive and

love is all
all you need is love
love love love
love is all you need.


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