Thursday, March 18, 2010

yes, we got a house

this entry was written on the 18th of february 2010

yes, it all happened at once, just like a miracle, one could almost say that the house dropped on us straight from the heavens.

it all began about two months ago, when i came to the conclusion, that it was not going to be such an easy task to find any affordable accommodation. renting prices have risen up a lot in the last year, and house-sitting offers were scarce and not suitable for us, so i decided, and mango agreed, that we should apply with government public housing. shortly after, we took that action, and we filled up the required application, sent it off and soon after we received more forms to fill in, by a doctor and some by other organisations, and some more by us, and when it was all done we sent it off.

about two weeks ago, we rang the housing department and we were told that everything was ok, we had been placed on top of a priority waiting list and all we had to do was to wait. we also got advise from another organisation to ring housing on a regular basis, so we rang one week later, on tuesday, again, and to our big surprise we were told, that our application had not yet been processed, because they were still waiting for us to fill up and send back to them the additional forms. so we rang again to confirm that information, and when we got the same answer, we were off to the court house, from where all forms had originally been faxed and also sent by post, as they were able to show by evidence in their "sending off documents" book. so one man/clerk rang the housing and he was also told, that nothing had arrived in their hands, and that nothing could be done about it, and that we had to fill up and send the required papers once more. surely we were not very pleased about it, but we took action straight away, we got new forms from the court house and visited the doctor again and we also did our work filling up some forms and thankfully we had some copies of a few letters and so it was easier done the second time and we were faxing all the papers off via the court house again, already on the thursday. yes, this time we made copies of all the documents. after that mango got an idea to visit some other organisation, where we might be able to get some more information about our accommodation, they did not give us much hope, but they navigated us to another place to inquire. i lost enthusiasm to visit another place, but mango did not give up so easily, and he went there, while i was waiting in the car. and in that office, mango spoke to some nice man, and he knew about some place where they could possibly help us, and he even rang out there and made an appointment to see someone there in half an hour. so we went there and i also joined mango this time, and we ended up talking to a very nice lady, explained her our situation including the lost and just recently sent off again papers, and she got on the phone and computer, and then she gave us some papers to sign, and then she told us, that the recently faxed papers had gotten lost again, but we gave her with a smile the copies, and the lady faxed them again to the man at housing while she was with him on the phone, waiting for him to confirm that the papers had arrived, and when he did, very soon after she told us that she had an old two bedroom house for us, she gave us the keys and sent us to look at it, to see if it suited us.

the house is in mareeba, not far from her office, so thanks to our car we were there in a few minutes, and even though it was not the place of our dreams, we made the decision to move in, for the time till we get a better one, or possibly already the home we are dreaming of. the house is near by the river that we at times visit and swim in. it has a roomy veranda with a nice wooden floor, living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a big bathtub in the bathroom, and in the backyard under a roof joined to the house is the laundry, with a door to the big enough backyard with one big mango tree and one big tamarind tree, to give us some shady area as well. the toilet is separated, a few stairs down from kitchen. there is also a car port. so we made a decision to move in very quickly and easily and soon we were back talking to the nice lady, we told her that we would be happy to move in, despite that it was not fully suited to our needs and she said that this would be only temporary and will would eventually be offered something more suitable when it became available. so we went through all the paper work regarding moving into the house and we were told that we could move in on the following thursday, oh, only in one week, to our big surprise, we never thought we would be moving out from fruitopia to a new home so fast. we were very happy that our accommodation situation had been sorted out at least for some time.

despite that i had had peace of mind, most of the time, regarding our future accommodation, and i had believed that it all would be sorted out when the time was right, i was loosing faith, and would worry at times about it all, and such worry came to me just the night before we got the house. usually i can shake off my worries very easily, but not this time, and after a while, i decided that i would try to talk to god via a drawn ring with the alphabet, and a pendulum ring on a cotton string. this method was shown to me by one lovely girl, during my last czech republic visit, she is a friend of my mum, and my mum has been reading tarot cards for her for a few years now. i've met this girl a few times previously, and i knew she was talking to god this way, and on my last visit i asked her, if she would ask god, if mango is going to get his australian permanent visa. she did and god told us, that mango would get his visa and also we would get all we wished for. the truth is i believed that, but at times i just lost my faith. just as happened concerning our moving out from fruitopia. so i decided to try and ask god by this method myself. the truth is i had been trying to communicate with god this way a few times, but never with success and i usually gave up soon after trying, but not that night at fruitopia. i was trying for over one hour, and i did remember that the girl told me, that she also had to keep trying again and again, before she was able to succeed, so i kept trying, i just needed that night some answer and i was a bit more desperate than usual. after about two hours asking several questions about our next home, i felt suddenly very lonely and at a loss, and after a little break i said to god: ' oh, my god i feel so lost and worried, and i do not want any more answers regarding our accommodation, right now, i am feeling so lonely in this world, and you are so wise, and i just would like to talk with you a bit." and very soon the ring began moving in a different way to previously, and i knew, that was it, that it was working, and that god was talking to me and he said: "love, love, love prevails." those words of wisdom filled me with joy and peace of mind. i believed everything was going to be ok, my faith was back with me. i was amazed by gods wisdom. god knows me, and knows that love is for me the most important and of biggest value in my life and that love is directing my thoughts and my life journey, and the feeling of being lost, lonely and worried was gone, and i strongly sensed gods existence and the presence of gods love. i felt like a child, i turned off the light, and i was on my way to sleep, strengthened in my faith with a smile on my face, and before i fell asleep i didn't forget to say thankyou my god.

and i also said my joyful thanks to god, the next day, after the lovely lady offered us the house, our new home, - before i even saw the house i believed that it was going to be our next temporary home.

god is love

life is beautiful


Vagabonding RawVEGAN said...

hi there lovely lady....i am so happy for you guys!
i cant wait to here your fruit reports too!
durians are still around Bali...ive been loving them ofcourse. and many manosteens that are perfect for $1/kilo.

Fruity Jules said...

Wow, Kveta. This is a cool story. I know the method you are talking about, but I have never tried it myself. Maybe I will give it a try sometime. ♥

Thank you for sharing your very personal message with us.

So glad you have a sweet new home.

Love you,

kveta said...

hi darrick,

thank you, yes, we are happy too.

i am sure you are having a great time with your family, durians mangosten etc. keep going.


kveta said...

thank you dear julie, let me know when you try, if it works for you :) it needs patience to begin with.

yes, home sweet home, that is sweet.

enjoy your fruits