Wednesday, March 24, 2010

cyber world

the cyber world is growing in popularity as time goes by..

it took me 5 years to make a decision to join it. it was not easy to make up my mind, i do not like a plastic artificial world, i do not like to look into the screen, and all in all i prefer "real" life experiences. i prefer to read words printed on paper than on a pc screen, i prefer to meet people outside of the internet, and talk to them face to face, rather than on the internet. it is true that i've made some cyber friends, and i met mango, my fruitarian and very sweet partner thanks to giving in and getting the pc in the year two thousand. so it surely was worthwhile to join in. to make that decision in the end was influenced by my recycling awareness. i loved the idea, that i could save a lot and lot of paper. and the time searching for information, or buying certain goods like travelling tickets and so on.. saving time, money and paper thanks to email, to name just a few advantages of a pc and the internet.

well, i have been a part of cyber space for a while now, and i noticed that to my amazement a lot of people from the raw food world are very busy out there, they have many websites, visiting and contributing to a lot of forums and so on. i would have thought that raw food was also about a healthy lifestyle, and so i wonder how some of those cyber raw busy bees manage to find the spare time for it. i've never thought it could be healthy to sit for hours by the pc and i try to use it as little as possible. when i overdo it, i always take a few days off, to compensate. i also very rarely spend time on the pc throughout the day, i use it mainly at night time, when mango is sleeping.

i write my two fruitarian blog (czech and english), and one photo blog (czech-english), i visit (at times with long breaks) and contribute the only one raw food forum , i keep occasionally in touch with a few, some real, some cyber friends via email. i write occasional notes from my future book, i transfer my pictures from camera to the pc, and post some of them on my blog, i read very few blog, and at times i do some info research. that is all i do on my pc, and i feel like that is heaps and i am making sure i wont extend its use. i love to have free time to do other things as well.

i would not like to end up spending most of my precious time sitting by the pc, writing stories about my healthy lifestyle.

the sun is shining, raw fresh fruit very tasty and

life is beautiful

yummy fruit

raw fresh fruit, healthy yummy living food arranged by ian (fruitopia)

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Hi there,

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