Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Everything's as it's supposed to be.

and time flies

on monday 1. 2. 2010 me and mango enjoyed a beautiful, peaceful and nicely lazy day at fruitopia

on tuesday, we went into malanda, because the man, who offered us, that we could move in and housesit his home, did not contact us again, but we did not give up, and because we knew, as he previously told us, that he is usually at home on tuesdays, despite of having no arrangements with him, we decided to travel over there anyway, so we could once and for all find out where we stand. and we were lucky, the man was at home, and as soon as we arrived at his house, he came out, and without saying hello, or apologising that he as promised did not contact us, told us, without a smile on his face, that he had changed his mind and he was going to rent his house for handsome dollars. we did not mind so much, the most important to us was, that we finally knew how things were, we said good bye with a smile and we drove back toward our home.

we stopped on our way in malanda's second hand shop, and we bought very cheap and nice cotton curtains, they are colourful with a print of giraffes and coconut trees. i may not use them for the windows as i would like to make something else from them. we previously visited the same shop a few times, and we always got some bedding made from top quality cotton and for a very good price. we are saving a lot of money that way, because the cotton of such quality is available only in the most expensive shops.

then we drove for a few minutes and we visited the river and her amazing waterfalls, where we had our traditional swim. after the abundant rains, the water in the river had risen up, and the waterfalls increased in their volume as well, gashing wildly over the big boulders, and the rivers current was much stronger, so we had some nice exercise, swimming against it toward the waterfalls, and on the way back from them, we were carried easily by the strong current. we spent the most of our time by the river alone, and only a few times someone came down to have their quick lunch. me and mango, we were relaxing in the hot sun and then we enjoyed a meal of red pawpaws followed by passion fruit, and then we jumped into the river. i took some great pictures, so did mango, and he also made some video. after our refreshing swim, we sat on the foot-bridge over the river, back to the waterfalls and we were watching the river’s flow along the shores of luscious tropical rainforest. we were throwing twigs and leaves into the water, watching their floating journey. soon after we said good bye to the river and to her waterfalls, and after about 20km of drive we stopped in atherton.

in atherton we visited the supermarket and we complained about the poor quality of frozen durians, because they are sold already a few days thawed, and that is why they are not fresh and that is why they are not very tasty. they nicely apologised and gave us one big durian for free. well, naturally, it was again not a very yummy one, and me and mango decided that we won't buy any more frozen durian from thailand at atherton's supermarket woolworths. the lady from the fresh produce who dealt with our durian cry, told us, to our disbelieve, that durians arrive in the shop already unfrozen, we were very surprised to hear that, because we never come across such durian treatment. when we asked why that was so, that durians get in the shop unfrozen, we didn't get a clear answer, the lady obviously wasn't a durian lover and i think she didn't fully understand what our problem was.

we got back in the car and we continued our journey toward mareeba, and we stopped on the way at the fruit stalls by the road, where there is no one selling the fruit, but a money box is present, over twenty years ago they used to be without locks, but nowadays they are secured by locks from dishonest people, and this also proves to me, that the world is not getting better as some say. fruit stalls with money boxes were also more common in the good old days. we bought red pawpaw, avocado and passion fruit.

on the wednesday we discovered, that the phone was out of order, but we were not very surprised as it happens here from time to time, and no one seems to worry about it, and no one was very keen to fix it. well, we had a few days good break from phone and internet. the caretaker left with his girlfriend for a day out, and when they returned, he said, that he was hopping that the phone will be miraculously fixed of its own accord, but that never happened. anyway, i had just bought a phone card, so i could ring my mum, but i also didn't worry that i couldn't, i knew that sooner or later the phone connection would be missed by others and someone would make an effort to fix it. our mobile phones were working, so mango rang the man, who was the first one offering us to housesit his house, because he is often away working, and he told us to ring him in about ten days, around 8th of february.

also on wednesday we went to marreba and we bought in the supermarket very yummy white nectarines, peaches and grapes. i also sent two postcards to the czech republic. after our return to fruitopia, mango went for a swim, and i jumped in the bathtub and then i had a nap. mango returned just after i woke up, and he told me that he didn't have a swim, but he had chatted in the communal kitchen with darrick and that they would be going for a swim right then. so i jumped in the bath again and then i was drying myself in the garden, enjoying the sun and i picked and ate a few cherry tomatoes. the rest of the day we were chatting, firstly me and darrick, mango joined us a bit later after his nap. when the sun was setting and the blood thirsty mozzies arrived, me and mango returned to our house and we enjoyed a meal made of pealed and finely sliced cucumbers mixed with avocado. and for the rest of the night me and mango relaxed and chatted at times.

darrick is a person from America, who has been for the past 3 years travelling the world, mainly the places, where durian is plentiful. he also loves durians. we met him at first on the internet, there is fruity interview with him at mango's fruitarian blog, and he has a blog too ( and he is friends with harley, his girlfriend freelee, and nick. who also attended the raw gathering at fruitopia, left after, and arrived without darrick again a few days later, after me, mango, emile and david ended up here at fruitopia after our journey from sydney. darrick arrived recently with some durian, and not long after he invited me and mango for a durian feast, he had flown from byron bay (australia) to see us, and he was looking forward to enjoying a yummy durian feast with us. and that happened, not only once. darrick is a very nice person and he is also generous and hospitable. one day his fruity friend robert came over and he brought over local fresh durian, ordered and paid for by darrick, and we all sat in the sun and enjoyed magic durians he shared with us, and it was altogether seven of us; care taker and his girlfriend, me, mango, darrick, robert, and paul, he came for a few month to generally relax and have a break from the world and his usual everyday life. darrick loves fruit and he stayed with us here at fruitopia for about a week. he was lucky, it was a week long sunny break from the rainy days. then he left for bali. so far, he likes the philipines the most, for very tasty abundant durian of many varieties and he thinks he may live there for a while. while he was here, i once made it with mangos help to the creek where he also later on joined us, and he told me that while i was swimming i looked like an angel. i was very pleased with such a compliment. when he was finally leaving fruitopia, he said, that he would love to visit us in australia again one day. me and mango are glad to have another fruitarian friend.

on thursday we had a lazy day almost the same like on the monday, i had gotten sunburnt by the creek on the previous day, i had had such an awesome time that i forgot about the time..the creek has beautiful gum trees in the water and amazing small waterfalls.. so i avoided the sun for a few days and i took care of my sunburned skin with fresh aloe vera gel.

and as every friday, me and sweet mango visited cairns rusties market, and we bought for us and darrick a lot of local and fresh durians and back at fruitopia we all enjoyed and shared more than once a durian feast..

on saturday me and mango left for atherton market, and we bought cucumbers, red pawpaws and pineapples.
sunday was a beautiful and very relaxing day

on monday me and mango said goodbye to darrick and just before that we all had a sweet fruity picnic at one of mareeba's park.

on tuesday i had an idea to go in to atherton for cucumbers, and to my own amazement, after i parked our car near a second hand store, mango remained in the car with his crosswords, and i left for that store, and there, even though it was unexpected, were the cucumbers i had on my mind. so i was nicely surprised and pleased that i had listened to my intuition, and i bought a full big plastic bag and that was almost all of them. lovely cucumbers from somebody's garden, and so cheap, only two dollars sixty for the lot. on the way back mango drove and we stopped at fruit stalls by the road and we bought red pawpaws, avocados and passion fruits.

we have been ringing the mobile of the man whose house may be for us available to housesit from the seventh of february, but so far there has only been his message bank, so we are once again not sure about our housing situation.

we enjoy everyday yummy fruit, we drink or eat pineapples, drinking or eating cucumbers, drinking or eating grapes, eating cucumbers with avocado, mango is adding tomato and hot chilli as well. mamey sapote, i drink watermelon, and i eat occasionally a lady finger banana or two, or mango. and both of us are eating red pawpaw, passion fruit and lately more durians than usual. usually we enjoy local fresh durians on fridays saturdays and sundays, twice a day. and i almost forgot we are also eating yummy white nectarines, nectarines and peaches and we are drinking orange juice often. as always we are eating or drinking all fruits only raw and fresh.

life is beautiful


Anonymous said...

I hope all is well with you and you are getting settled! Please post soon so we all know you are doing well :)


kveta said...

dear laura,

thankyou for your concern.

all is well with me and i will post very very soon :)

have a lovely one,