Monday, February 1, 2010

the place on the earht called fruitopia

got its name when one person bought eighty acres of previous tobacco plantation and transformed it into his dream; a big fruit orchard, because he loves fruit. he has been living here and growing fruit trees for six years now. true, some mango and lychee trees were already growing along with the tobacco earlier.

just before we drove off from sydney toward our fruity dream, we were invited to visit fruitopia, and its kind owner let us stay for some time. i am sure he would let us stay longer, but before we appeared here, he had already promised the accommodation we're living in, to some family who are supposed to soon move in, and therefore we will have to move out, and go on, even though we don't have a clear idea where, and we have one month left to look and find a new place to live.

a few days ago we went to have a look at a place where we could move to in two weeks time, and if we don't find something more suitable, we will surely move in there, just for the time till we find a place witch may suit more or fully our needs and dreams

even though fruitopia is blessed with two thousand fruit trees of many kinds of fruit, and raw fresh fruit is my daily food, i am looking forward to move out. there are surely differences between fruit orchards. i am not enjoying looking at the fruit trees which are unhealthy, because they do not grow in healthy soil. on top of it, there is not enough people living here to take care of so many fruit trees. most of the trees are choked by tall grass and numerous weeds, which are happily flowering and after flowers produce an abundance of seeds and thus happily and joyfully continue multiplying.

and why is the soil so unwell? well, previously the owners were for growing tobacco for financial profit for forty years, and to earn as much money as possible, their goal was to achieve the biggest harvest possible, because greed is never satisfied. but on the contrary, the more it has the more it wants, and therefore the harvest had to be each time bigger, and that was possible only through feeding the soil more and more with strong chemical fertilisers. and with the soil it is the same story as with the human body, because we are dust and in dust we will return, and if our body and soil is not fed properly, it get sick and dies in suffering..

and therefore we are harvesting some fruit from Fruitopia already mouldy and some will get mouldy very fast after harvest. on top of it, the fruit is not sweet and tasty enough, even though it is fertilized by so called "natural" fertilizers in the form of granules, which i do not personally perceive as natural, and the soil has not yet had long enough time to strengthen and heal itself. in addition, the granules used for fertilizing consist of blood, meat and bones of dead animals. and that is not all, the fruit trees are sprayed with a fish paste from dead fish, diluted with water.

oh, yes, for many years i have been aware, that i am unaware of what treatment the fruit i am living on gets. and that is one of the reasons why i and my sweet mango are looking for a bit of land, where we can grow our fruity food as we wish, the vegan way. we do not want to eat fruit fertilized with dead processed animals or chemicals.

through the land of fruitopia, there runs a beautiful creek, the way to it is very steep. awkward steps have been built to get down to it, and despite my walking difficulties after a serious spine and spinal cord injury i am able to get to and from it, but i cannot get in to the water as the big boulders on the creek shore are too slippery, so i could slip into the water with ease, but it would be impossible to climb out due to the slimy surface. so i have no reason to go there. more so, because even the way up would be so difficult for me, that after refreshing myself with a swim, and climbing all the way up the steep hill, i would feel like i wanted to jump in the water again to refresh my self, so i would find myself in a vicious circle, thus i gave up on the idea of swimming down there.

luckily only five km from fruitopia in mareeba centre, is the lovely barron river, and me and mango, we found there a nice private place for swimming, that no one seems to visit, because they have a better place further up the river :) so that is our swimming place for now on, but our ideal is to live on a piece of land with some kind of water feature not far from the house, so we could swim a few times throughout the day, because swimming is for both of us a big life joy. only recently we went to get some yummy fruit at the market in the cute little town of malanda, and because when mango is driving i always look below every bridge we pass by to see the water i love so much, i noticed that malanda has a lovely river with a beautiful waterfall, and therefore straight after the fruit shopping at the markets, we returned there, and swam with joy in such an amazing place, but even before that we had a yummy durian picnic in the sun. yum.

well, i am curious as to where we are going to end up when our time here at fruitopia is over.

we do not eat much fruit from fruitopia, even though some fruit is edible, for example jack fruit, ice cream beans, akee and peanut butter fruit and rarely paw paw. but most of if before it gets ready it turns mouldy, and me and mango, we do not eat mouldy fruit. we both believe that mould is poisonous and therefore not healthy. i've noticed, that a lot of people cut the mould off and eat the remaining peace of fruit. i believe that such fruit has the mould spores throughout it.

well, it is once more a long note, so i better finish it.

life is beautiful


what appears at first glance to be healthy, fruitopia.


what appears at first glance to be a healthy banana trees. one with a bunch of green bananas


what appears at first glance to be a healthy pawpaw

zelena zaba

adored citizen of fruitopia, the green tree frog, i am not sure how healthy she is, i have not tasted her, and i don't even intend to, and i also don't know where and what she eats.


and here are our waterfalls


Esmee La Fleur said...

Dear Kveta,

Did your menstrual period change once you began eating a strictly fruitarian diet? If so, how?

Thanks, Esmee

Ollique said...

Hi Kveta!

Sorry, but I'd like to ask the same question as Esmee!

I haven't had a menstruation since I switched to raw diet, I was very happy about it as I read that we don't need menstruation to have children, but after a year I started wondering if it _is_ ok...

Look forward to your reply



kveta said...

hi girls, i think it is for each person a bit different story, it depends on ones general health. i never had any menstrual problems even when i ate everything, still my diet was more healthy than average. since i've been on a fruitarian diet, i've been bleeding much less, at times only a few drops. in recent years i've stopped bleeding altogether.

i've heard, that this happens to many women after switching to a raw diet and it does not affect fertility.

enjoy your day,

Melanie said...

Hi! I heard about stoping period too but my question is why we stop? I tough the period was about the placenta and the ovum... not about intoxication. thx to answer me

kveta said...

hi melanie,

sorry i do not have an answer, i only know what happens but i don't know why. but i have noticed that sick girls have a very heavy menstruation.


Fruitarian Mango said...

hi Melanie,
i'm no bioligist, or woman with experience, but it would sem to be that menstruation might be an efficient way for the female body to cleanse itself monthly, allowing conditions to be ideal for possible conception. Kveta is right that it does seem the sicker a girl is, the heavier the menstruation, and the more healthier you are, the lighter it is.. which would indicate to me that there is almost definitely some detox going on too, and that if you really never put anything toxic in your body, that menstruation may diminish or cease completely. I have known several woman that have reported this, while still apparently retaining fertility and ability to reproduce.