Saturday, February 18, 2012

pure fruit frutarian dokumentary

pure fruit

fruitarian documentary

thank you to all of us, who were a part of it.


love and fruit,


Anonymous said...

Ahoj Kveto, pred par dny jsem shledl Pure fruit. Zajimave ;-) Chtel jsem Ti napsat na, ale zjistil jsem, ze uz tam nechodis, tak pisu sem. Jak se vam ted s Mangem dari? Pobavilo me, ze pracoval ve Velko modre, stejne jako ted ja. Tesim se na ceske titulky, uplne vsemu jsem nerozumel. Mejte se fajn.

Jaroslav (Sitar)

P.S. Odkaz na film nefunguje.

kveta said...

ahoj jaroslave,

díky za zájem a shlédnutí filmu. české titulky budou snad brzy, o film s nimi už i projevila zájem čt.

my se máme ovocně sluníčkově krásně, většinu času strávíme na převážně ovocné zahradě. život je krásný.

i ty se měj fajn
květa a mango

kveta said...

ps. odkaz na film již funguje, díky moc za upozornění.

Megan Hollomon said...

I was so inspired by the documentary. You and Mango are beautiful people inside and out, and it makes me so happy to know that people that you two exist in this vast Universe. I've been vegan for almost 2 years now, and watching the documentary still made me question/reconsider my values.

Enjoy paradise

Anonymous said...

Greetings to you Kveta!
I have just seen your dokumentary and found your blog. Both are wonderful and a joy. Please keep blogging! It is a great encouragement to many.
Blessings to you,

Anonymous said...

Hello Kveta! I'm Alyson, a 18 years old girl. I'm in my way to become fruitarian, and I was asking myself the best way to transition to it. I read somewhere (I can't remember where now) that for every year we've been eating poisonous food we should fast a day (not that I'm taking this too seriously, in fact it was just to give an example). So I thought I could have 18 mono juice days, probably orange juice. What do you think? Do you suggest any fruit? Of course, I will juice the fruit myself, and is not hard to find good fruit here (there are little fruit markets everywhere, literally. I live in a tropical island: Puerto Rico <3) I woul like to do it this way because 'fasting is the best and fastest way to detox'. Also, do you think I will loose a lot of weight? I know I'll loose some pounds, but still I would like to have an idea. I'm a vegetarian, still on cooked foods. Not vegan, not raw, but I really (and I mean really REALLY) want to be a vegan fruitarian. Your advice will be highly appreciated <3! I will eagerly wait for your response.
Peace, love and fruits -Alyson

kveta said...

dear alyson,

thank you for your post. well, i do not agree with the theory of fasting a day for each year eating toxic food. but it really does not matter, important is to stick with your decision to change your lifestyle for the better. toxic cooked food is also addictive, so it is important to understand it's nature and find the best ways for you to avoid it at any cost, because once you give in, it is difficult to get out again.

surely mono but even mixed fruit juices will help with detox a great deal, i think you know best what fruit juices you most like. drinking or eating fruit, whatever suits you best, give yourself what you enjoy. you are lucky to have plenty of fruit at the markets around you, so take full advantage of it. living in the tropics makes the task also much easier. when you live on nothing but fresh raw fruit juices, you will loose on average about one kilogram a day. i wish you great success on your new and exciting vegan fruitarian path. and if you like, keep me updated.

fruity kveta

Alyson said...

Thanks for the advice Kveta!! <3 You can be sure I will let you know about my fruity days! :) Also, the 'on average one kilogram a day' part will be like for how long? Is that I'm already really skinny xD I think many things about this lifestyle I will find by myself :) Happy fruity days Kveta! (And happy father's day for any father reading this out there :D) -Alyson

kveta said...

you are welcome alyson, i am not sure for how long but it can vary from person to person. about 1kg a day is our experience, and i've heard on raw forums from some people the same. yes, you are right, the best way is to find out about it by yourself via your own experience. i am skinny too, and while i fast or only on juices, i loose weight, but when i go back to eating and drinking fruit again, i gain kg's back to my usual weight which is 49-50kg and i am 168cm tall. regarding to your weight, go with what you feel comfortable with.

i am looking forward to read about you progress on the fruitarian path.

i am busy lately, but i am planning to blog again from october 2012