Saturday, February 18, 2012

pure fruit frutarian dokumentary

pure fruit

fruitarian documentary

thank you to all of us, who were a part of it.


love and fruit,

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

food for thought prart 2

I choose to be in a good mood.

Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or...I can choose to learn from it.

I choose to learn from it.

Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their complaining or...I can point out the positive side of life.

I choose the positive side of life.

Life is all about choices. When you cut away all the junk, every situation is a choice. You choose how you react to situations. You choose how people affect your mood.

You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood.

The bottom line: It's your choice how you live your life.'

food for thought

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” — Herman Hesse

“Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.” – Ann Landers

“Every breath is an opportunity to receive and let go. I receive love and I let go of pain.” – Brenda MacIntyre

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Noni fruit and noni juice

Noni fruit is a very unusual fruit, and like with everything else, there is a lot of confusing, contradicting information. It is so obvious to me, because i have my own experience with noni fruit and it's juice as well. I think, that the information i can really believe is that which i gained myself via first hand experience.

It is only one year and a bit, since i heard about noni fruit for the first time, when i moved from Sydney to Far North Queensland. My first home was at fruitopia farm, with many varieties of fruit trees including noni. I was told that noni is a yucky fruit, nicknamed vomit fruit, also cheese fruit, and it is not really nice to eat, therefore i had only a small interest in it. One day at rustys markets in Cairns, i discovered a lady from some Pacific island and she was selling mainly noni and it's juice. She spoke about noni in a different spirit, with adoration and enthusiasm. She told me how to make fresh juice, which she claimed to have a lot of healing powers. It was the day i saw noni fruit for the first time in my life and i liked the look of it, and even the aroma was not bad at all, it smelt exactly like blue cheese. I agree that the smell can be for some offensive, and i also think it's aroma is perceived differently from person to person, just like all our experiences. Even though i didn't find the noni aroma offensive, i was not interested in it.

I almost forgot about the strange fruit. Many months later, while visiting fruitopia, i noticed a lot of noni on the fruit table. I excepted about 1/2kg as a gift. At home, i google searched for more information about it, and to my surprise, i found that noni takes 2 - 6 months to ferment and it does not get moldy. Wow, i found that very interesting, that indicated special proprieties, i thought. I also found through googling, the same information about making juice, that the island lady had told me. It was a very simple process so i got straight into it. I got a well cleaned glass jar, so nothing else would have a chance to ferment or get moldy and in it, and i placed 1/2kg of soft ripe noni in it, and i sealed the jar. I love easy stuff.

Within a few hours the noni in the jar was releasing it's healing juices. I let it be and i gathered about 2 big spoons of juice the next morning. I mixed the fresh, far from being fermented noni juice, into a raw fresh juice. I shared the juice as always with my fruitarian partner Mango. I was gathering fresh noni juice daily, at least for one month, mixing it in our first morning fruit juice. After a month or more, the noni fruit got mushy and it was releasing only a small amount of juice, but it was not fermented or moldy. I moved it into our fruit compost and i asked for more noni at fruitopia, and because they still had plenty of it, they gave me more. Me and Mango, we drank fresh noni juice mixed with raw fresh fruit juice daily for at least 3 months. We stopped because, there was a smaller crop and therefore no left overs to give away at fruitopia.

I am not sure how strong the healing powers of noni are. I didn't observe any special benefits, but that can be, because my entire diet consists of raw fresh fruit and they all have strong healing powers, some more, some less. I am sure that i had no negative experiences from drinking noni juice and Mango also didn't complain.

I buried the last noni mush under a thin layer of soil in our garden, hoping that some baby trees will show us their beauty. Noni takes only 18 months to give its first fruits and it fruits all year round.

Oh, yes, i also had a taste on the fruit itself. It was truly an amazing experience. It didn't taste like cheese or vomit, but the flavour was very salty at first, then hot like a mild chili, then as something very refreshing like mint, but without the mint flavor. What surprised and amazed me most was a strong and long lasting aftertaste like after brushing one's teeth with toothpaste. I thought this fruit could be nice with avocado or another unsweetened fruits, but i haven't tried that yet, well, one day.

Life is beautiful.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to Tell if a Pineapple Is Ripe

I have discovered, from my own long time pineapple eating experience, that the best pineapples i have eaten were bought in the tropics. I believe that the most hot tropical areas produce the most sweet pineapples.

The best and sweetest pineapples I've eaten were in Thailand, they were so yummy, and i enjoyed them daily, almost always sharing their goodness with Mango. One day, i bought a big pineapple, at the markets in Bangkok and i had it pealed and cut up into neat peaces and placed into a plastic bag. I was not very happy with the fruit in the plastic bag, as i believe they are toxic, leaching toxins into my fruit. Never the less, i had no choice, i was not prepared for facing a fruit in plastic bag, so i accepted my pineapple could be slightly toxic, possibly much less, than the Bangkok air, full of heavy metals, due to busy traffic.

While i was contemplating the unavoidable toxins i waited for Mango to turn up at our meeting point. I didn't wait long, and when i spotted Mango in the crowd of people, walking toward me, the toxic issue left my mind. I greeted Mango from a distance, happy to see him, also happy that i could start eating the pineapple, sharing it with him. He smiled back at me and when he could hear me, i waved the plastic bag full of cut up pineapple as patriots wave flags of their country, and i euphorically yelled at him: "Look i got a pineapple for us to share". "Oh, no, i am sorry, I'm not hungry" said smiling Mango. "Oh no, I've got the biggest pineapple, being so sure you are going to share it with me, well, not too worry i will eat what i can, and throw the rest away." I like to eat my fruit fresh, and as soon as possible after it is cut up or juiced. We walked a very short distance to hail down a tuk-tuk and we traveled in the open carriage through heavy traffic full of heavy pollution while i was feasting on very sweet and tasty pineapple. I was sure, i could not eat it whole, but to my big surprise i did. I had no burning sensation on my tongue and lips, which is the usual occurrence after i eat about 1/4 of pineapple.

It was a big problem for me to get a good pineapple during the years i lived in Sydney, dreaming of the good ones i ate while traveling in far north Queensland. Despite the great pineapple aroma and rich yellow orange colors, the pineapples available in Sydney were never sweet enough. I was able to eat about 1/5 of one and then i juiced the rest. Surprisingly enough, juiced pineapple never gives me unpleasant burning sensations.

I learned that all rules written on picking sweet ripe pineapple, have exceptions. I've had pineapples with aroma of pineapple heaven and of the most radiant colors, yet inside they were a very big sour disappointment. I've had pineapples with deep green colored skin and no aroma and they were some of the best pineapples i've ever had. It was not even bought in the very hot tropics, but in a Czech supermarket. When my relative, whom i was visiting, brought the deep green pineapple from the shops, i thought to myself, this guy has no clue, how to pick a good pineapple, i would never have picked that one. Oh, how i was surprised, when i tasted pale yellow fruit. I surely learned my, not only pineapple lesson, to not judge a book by it's cover. I also learned there are varieties of green skinned pineapples. Oh boy, they are so tasty.

So how do i choose the best and ripest pineapples? I experiment. I take risks. I remember where i bought the best and sweetest pineapple and i always go back to the same source. Now, after one year of living in far north Queensland, i know that the best local pineapples come from Werner, a stall holder at our local markets. He also has the best papaya as well. Another best pineapple we know of is from a friend of a friend, he grows them and as soon i saw them i said, these are top pineapples and yes, they were, they had the look, the aroma and the taste. Unfortunately, even though we've tried, we haven't yet been able to organize regular deliveries yet.

Believe me, i have a lot of pineapple experience, it is one of my favorite fruits and i am blessed to eat and drink them abundantly since i moved into fruity Australia and turned into an ethical fruitarian almost twenty five years ago.

So don't be afraid, investigate, turn into a pineapple detective. It is worth it. Sweet well ripened pineapple is a true delight.

There are many links throughout the internet, referring to how to tell if a pineapple is ripe, and they can be very useful, yet, i would not bet on them. As with everything, the best is through ones very own experience. In nature, they are many exceptions to the rules.

Surely i can go on, and keep telling you my pineapple stories, but you may prefer to get off the computer and have a look at what the sunshine is doing.

Life is beautiful.

healthy fruit

pineapples and other yummy fruits in our kitchen


healthy fruit

chempadek pineapple

chempadek, pineapple, and other sweet fruit

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fruit update

Since cyclone Yasi, most of the already expensive fruit in supermarkets, has increased in price. Bananas, at some places wiped out by strong Yasi, have doubled in price, from 5 to 10 AUD or even over. I am curious how many of those bananas actually get sold and how many end up being thrown into supermarket bins. Prices have risen up on all fresh produce, especially fruit. Despite all that, there are always some great specials (discounted friendly prices) on fruit.

Grapes are fully in season now, and we have been enjoying their sweet natural powers during the past two months. They are around 3 AUD kg and yummy. Grapes are very rarely sold at local markets, so we are getting our supply from the supermarket.

Pears come to to us the same way. I am not even sure, if they grow locally. Pears were never my favorite fruit, not like i didn't like them, i just didn't desire them. This story changed and i am enjoying pears which have been in season since last month.

Pineapples, bought always at local markets, are in season all year round and we drink them daily, usually for breakfast. We mix them with oranges, bananas, pears, at times kiwi or grapes.

Bananas in our locality survived cyclone Yasi, so we are enjoying very tasty and cheep local produce. We buy most of them on the road, next to the fruit farms.

Passion fruit is a fruit we get for free from our friendly neighbor. She brings them to us regularly since we moved in, one year ago. Soon we are going to harvest passion fruit from our garden.

Oranges have also been very expensive since the beginning of the summer and we are lucky to get them much cheaper from local growers. Oranges are in season all year round, and they are a very important part of our fruitarian life and we almost always have them in our place. The local oranges are the most juicy and yummy and we are glad we can get them freshly picked straight from the growers. The same goes for other available citrus fruit, mostly grapefruit and mandarin.

Durian is one of our favorite fruits, and we are buying five a week at the supermarket. They arriving frozen from Thailand. We used to get them only in a town 30km away from us, but recently Mango ordered a box of five durians a week in our own town. We save on petrol money and environment, and we also save on getting them a bit cheaper. Last year we enjoyed locally grown durians, but this year is a very poor season, so we are not getting any. Once again, we are saving money, because we used to travel once a week 60km one way, and they were also double price 10 AUD for one kg.

Longans are also fruit we love a lot and we buying them at local markets.

Paw paw (papaya) is also almost always on our table, all year round and always from local growers.

Cucumbers come to us partly from local markets, partly from supermarket.

Tomato the same like cucumbers, both fruits are always in our place and soon we are going to buy them straight from J's farm, just like last year, he is growing the best local tomatoes and cucumbers, we know of.

Avocados are fully in season now, we buy them all year round, it is very rare that there is no avocado in our place.

Me and Mango, we are enjoying our only fruit meals, made from raw fresh fruit, juiced, blended, or just as is.

Raw Fresh Fruit satisfies our hunger and sustains our energy and wellbeing.

Raw Fresh Fruit satisfies our soul.

Life is Beautiful

healthy summer tropical fruit

fruity corner in our kithen, oranges, tomatoes, yellow sapote, black sapote, mangosteen, chilli.. healthy tropical sumer fruit

healthy pineapples

sweet and juicy pineapples

pears and grapes

grapes and pears the green power, sweet and juicy as well..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our daily fruit

When i read in the holy bible about our daily bread, i always think of our daily fruit instead, it logically makes more sense to me, being fruitarian. I believe that cooked grains, including bread, are on the top of the list of the most deadly highly toxic foods. Yet, especially bread, rice and pasta are very popular staple foods all around the world. Almost no one, especially in the western world, can imagine their life without bread. Bread like all cooked foods, is not only toxic, but also addictive. Most of the earths population is addicted to cooked food. Since i changed my view on food and became an ethical fruitarian, eating only raw fresh fruit, i changed my perception to everything, including words in the holy bible. I found it much easier to understand. I believe that with mighty fruit i have discovered a mighty truth. Truth hidden from humans for ages.

I had been a fruitarian for a good twenty years when i met, on his web page, my fruitarian sweet heart Mango. We share our life and our view on it since may of 2006. To me it is a miracle, considering that there are only a very few only fruit fruitarians around the world. Not only there are only a few fruitarians around, but most of them would eat nuts and greens, taking B12 supplements, etc. and therefore i perceive them as raw foodies, not fruitarians. In my books a fruitarian eats only fruit. It is simple, yet, a lot of people don't get it, in most cases lacking the understanding of what fruit is. Nuts are seeds. Greens are greens. Vegetables are vegetables. Fruit is fruit.

Me and Mango agree on what fruit is, and raw fresh fruit is our daily "bread". Enjoying the local fruit of Far North Queensland, we buy weekly at local markets, and some we get as a gift. Sometimes we buy surprisingly very tasty fruit on special in supermarkets. We are also getting delicious frozen durian from thailand. Yeah, the King of the Fruit.

A pineapple is consumed almost daily, mostly we drink it mixed with oranges, or oranges bananas, or oranges bananas, kiwi, or oranges pears bananas kiwi, or grapes bananas, etc. At times we eat pineapple as is.

Mango is slowing down on avocados, and getting more into bananas. He used to have occasionally one bite on a banana, now he eats a few a day. He used to have up to three avos a day, now it is quarter or half of one.

I have been having spells with and then without bananas for a few years now, before i ate them almost daily, at least 2kg a day. I have also been having a few months long breaks from avocados. I was never a big avocado eater, i got into them after starting to live with Mango.

We both don't eat plums, we just don't desire them.

I have also lately been slowing down on cucumber tomato, lately also with zucchini, salads. At times me and also Mango add chili to it.

During the mango season we ate mainly mangoes, or blended and drank them, yum! Mango season is over now.

We are also sharing almost daily very sweet and tasty pawpaw, mostly we blend them and drink them.

We also almost always drink our watermelon and rock melon. I also drink watermelon skin.

We love eating and drinking grapes.

We also love and are sharing almost daily yellow and white nectarines.

At times we add home made noni juice to our fruit juice fresh

At times we munch on lychees and longans and passion fruit.

We share and enjoy about four or five durians a week. YUM!

We love sharing our daily fruit.

Life is beautiful.

sweet and juicy watermelon

Yummy, sweet and juicy melon water melon :) great refreshment for hot summer days

healthy oranges full of healthy juice

Tasty healthy orange oranges for healthy juices. Who can say no to raw fresh orange juice?

tasty and healthy passion fruit

Delicious passion fruit, marvelous and frequently occurring gift from our friendly neighbour

Kveta and Mango in their kitchen

Mango is having fun with the pumpkin while i am working :))) in our kitchen.